Laila Sakini and Thomas Bush – Tangible Intimacy

Blog March 13 2023, af Ivna Franc

After a quiet winter period that offered very few exciting gigs, March has seen the new concert season kick off in full swing. FELT – the Copenhagen-based record label/promoter entity run by Perko – provided a real treat last Thursday in the form of a double bill featuring Laila Sakini and Thomas Bush.

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Perko – Incorporating Copenhagen soundscapes into introspective techno tunes (interview)

February 21 2020, af Alexander Julin

Interview by Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo by Matthew McArthur Williams The Scottish, Copenhagen-based producer Perko debuted back in 2018 with the release “NV Auto” on likewise Scottish label Numbers (Lanark Artefax, Peder Mannerfelt, Randomer, etc.). On February 7th, Perko returned with his sophomore release, the 8 track-long “The City Rings”. While the release, according to Perko himself, may be characterised by more smooth sounds than his debut, “The City Rings” still demonstrates his skills and taste for ...

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