Vanity Productions – Crime and Punishment

Kritik June 14 2019

Vanity Productions “Only the Stars Come Out at Night” (Posh Isolation, 2019) – review by Cameron Pagett

It’s early in the month of June 2018. It has been a warm day and the sun has only set from view when I sit down at the crude outdoor tables that dot the rough asphalt lining to the entrance to Mayhem where a group of about 120 people are gathered. It’s a fairly busy night. Most of the crowd is quite young and for some it is their first time in the smoky lowlit din of Mayhem. The room is filled with white lights and the last of the candles lit in the beginning of the evening begin to burn their last in the moments before one of the final sets of the evening.

The imposing figure of local music legend Christian Stadsgaard stands behind the controls table taking in the final moments of pre-set fog before bearing into a set that would take most of the room by surprise. After releasing the album “Only The Grains of Love Remain” in the late fall of 2017, It’s not certain if anyone but him and some close friends had heard the new material he was working on in the buildup for a brand new record. Easing into the beginning of the performance I nestle up to one of the many pillars dotting the Mayhem floor and take in the opening moments.

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