Årets bedste udgivelser 2013 (udvalgt af skribenterne)

Feature December 30 2013, af redaktion Maleri af Skoleskibet København

De bedste danske og internationale udgivelser, opturssange og favoritkoncerter fra 2013. Her kommer de individuelle årslister fra Passive/Aggressives skribenter, venner og andre bidragsydere.


Andreas Pallisgaard
1. L.Pierre – ”The Island Come True” (Melodic)
2. The Guild Of Funerary Violinists – ”The Art Of Funerary Violin” (Mississippi Records)
3. Rashad Becker – ”Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. 1” (PAN)
4. Ensemble Pearl – ”Ensemble Pearl” (Drag City)
5. Rodion G.A. – ”The Lost Tapes” (Strut Records)
6. Dean Blunt – ”The Redeemer” (Hippos In Tanks/World Music)
7. Rabih Beaini – ”Albidaya” (Annihaya)


Jens Franco
True Sons Of Thunder – ”Stop And Smell Your Face LP” (Little Big Chief)
Destruction Unit – ”Void + Deep Trip LPs” (Jolly Dream + Sacred Bones)
Abyssal – ”Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius” (self release)
·Y· – ”Horizonte de Sucesos LP” (Burkas For Everybody)
Emenkaya – ”S/T LP” (Vulgar Deformity)
Oblivians – ”Desperation LP” (In The Red)
Scavenger Brats – ”Electric Death demo”
MC (self release)
Gary Wrong Group – ”Knights Of Misery LP” (Jeth-Row)
Machetazo – ”Ruin LP” (Doomentia)
Alucarda – ”D.F.F.L.” (self release)

Destruction Unit @ Stengade
Heavy Days In Doomtown (Conan, Danava, Kadavar etc.) @ Ungdomshuset
B-52’s @ Amager Bio
Nifelheim + Vulcano @ Ungdomshuset
Kinky Friedman @ Loppen


Tobias Corell

1. The Dead C – “Armed Courage” (Ba Da Bing!)
2. Magik Markers – “Surrender to the Fantasy” (Drag City)
3. KWC 92 – “Dream of the Walled City” (L.I.E.S)
4. Midnight Ghost – “Midnight Ghost” (no label)
5. Psychic Ills – “One Track Mind” (Sacred Bones Records)
6. Puce Mary – “Succes” (Posh Isolation)
7. Bardo Pond – “Peace on Venus” (Fire Records)
8. Asian Women on the Telephone – “IVAN” (Feeding Tube Records)
9. General Translator –”Amorotica” (no label)
10. Fushitsusha –”Namaewo Tsukenaide Hoshii Namaewo Tsuketeshimauto Subetede Nakunattesimaukara [名前を つけないで ほしい 名前を つけて しまうと 全てで なくなって  しまうから]” (Heartfast)


Bjarke Svendsen
The Necks – “Open” (northen spy)
Dean Blunt – “The Redeemer” (Hippos in Tanks / World Music)
Goodiepal – “Havet” (Alku)
The Thing – “Boot” (The Thing Records)
Evan Parker & Joe McPhee –  “What/If/They Both Could Fly” (runegrammofon)
Fire Orchestra – “Exit” (runegrammofon)
Adrian Utley”s Guitar Orchestra – “In C” (Invada Records)
Decoy with Joe McPhee – “Spontaneous Combustion” (Otoroku)
Matana Roberts – “Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile” (Constellation)
William Onyeabor –  “Who Is William Onyeabor” (Luaka Bop)


Alexander Julin
1. Dean Blunt – “Redeemer”
2. Inc. – “No World”
3. Kanye West – “Yeezus
4. Dirty Beaches – “Drifters/Love is the Devil”
5. Milk Music – “Cruise Your Illusion”
6. Haxan Cloak – “Excavation”
7. Mikal Cronin – “MCII”
8. Fuzz – “Fuzz”
9. Pusha T – “My Name is My Name”
10. Oneohtrix Point Never – “R Plus Seven”

Several Things – “s/t”
Bed Bugs – “s/t”
Teen Beams – “Cathedral Volume”
The Road To Suicide – “Split”
Damien Dubrovnik – “First Burning Attraction”
Iceage – “You”re Nothing”
Synd og Skam – “Center”.

Dean Blunt – “Three”
Omar Souleyman – “Wenu Wenu”
Yung Lean – “Heal You”
Factory Floor – “Fall Back”
Jackson Scott – “Together Forever”


Mikkel Arre
Iceage – ”You’re Nothing”
Papir – ”III”
Pixel – ”Mantle”
Age Coin – ”Perceptions”
Damien Dubrovnik – ”First Burning Attraction”
Tex Fuller – ”Flooded Lawns”

Forest Swords – “Engravings”
RP Boo – “Legacy”
Pusha T – “My Name Is My Name”
Roly Porter – “The Life Cycle of a Massive Star”
Matmos – “The Marriage of True Minds”
Kanye West – “Yeezus”
Danny Brown – “Old”

Sophie – ”Bipp”
Robedoor – ”Stagnant Venom”
Kelela – ”Keep It Cool”
Mikal Cronin – ”Weight”
Autre Ne Veut – ”Counting”


Simon Christensen
Iceage – ”You’re Nothing”
Goodiepal – ”Havet”
August Rosenbaum – ”Heights”

Joachim Nordwall – ”Soul Music”
Mohammad – ”Som Sacrifis”
Dirty Beaches – ”Drifters/Love Is The Devil”
The Dead C – ”Armed Courage”

+ redaktionens udvalgte bånd 
Vanity Productions – “I allerførste gry” (posh isolation)
Grøn – ”Vinduers Seværdigheder” (Infinite Waves)
Sejr – “Demo” (posh isolation)

Puce Mary – Click og Stengade
SMITSTOF – Mayhem (29.12.2012)
Haxan Cloak – Cisternerne
Dean Blunt – Click og Jazzhouse
Iceage – Henning Young
Damien Dubrovnik – Overgaden (og Hovedbiblioteket)
Dror Feiler – Click og Mayhem
+ Spost, Mats Gustafsson, Goodiepal, Selvhenter, Oneida, Frisk Frugt along the way.


Adam Thorsmark
Iceage – ”You’re Nothing”
Cola Freaks/Secret Prostitutes
Rhye ”Woman”
Pinkunoizo – ”The Drop”
Yung ”S/T”

Dean Blunt – ”The Redeemer”
Celeste – ”Animale(s)”
Lonnie Holley – ”Keeping a Record of It”
FKA Twigs – ”EP2”
Oneohtrix Point Never – ”R Plus Seven”
Dirty Beaches – ”Drifters/Love is the Devil”
Jerusalem In My heart – ”Mo7it Al-Mo7it”
James Ferraro – ”NYC Hell, 3.00 AM”
Factory Floor – ”Factory Floor”
Nick Cave – ”Push the Sky Away”/Vampire Weekend – ”Modern Vampires Of The City”

Iceage+ Communions + Feminielli på Jazzhouse
First Hate på Teater Grob
Dirty Beaches i Pumpehuset
Goat og Pissed Jeans på Roskilde
Deerhunter, Parquet Courts og Tinariwen på Primavera

Hoax – ”Los Angeles”
The War on Drugs – ”Red Eyes”
Julian Lynch – ”Carios Kelleyi I”
Kurt Vile – ”Girl Called Alex”
Omar Souleyman – ”Mawal Jamar”
Arcade Fire – ”Reflektor”
Deerhunter – ”The Missing/Sleepwalking”
Mellemblond – ”Swimminpoolens Blå”/”Et Øje”
Pusha T – ”Numbers on the Board”
Gäy – ”Pool of Blood”
Communions – ”Cobblestones”
Several Things – ”Have You Met Me”
Medicine – ”Long as the Sun”
Annie – ”Invisible”
Dean Blunt – ”Felony/Stalker”
Kool & Kass – ”Pleasance”
Beck – ”Defriended”
Implodes – ”Scattered in the Wind”
Lower – ”Another Life”
Dillinger Escape Plan –”Prancer”
Tony Molina – ”Don”t Come Back”
Savages – ”She Will”
Dinner – ”Girl”
James Blake – ”Overgrown”
MMOSS – ”Spoiled Sun”
The Knife – ”Full on Fire”
Beyonce – ”Bow Down”
Girls Names – ”Projektion”
Christopher Owens – ”Here We Go”
Inc – ”5 Days”
My BLoody Valentine – ”Only Tomorrow”/ ”Who Sees You”


Rasmus Junge
Iceage – ”You’re Nothing”
Synd Og Skam –  ”Center”
Mellemblond – ”Lysvågen”
Spids Nøgenhat – ”Kommer med fred”
Pre-Be-Un – ”Clean Spasms”
Quadron – ”Avalanche”
Benal – ”Baby”
Rhye – ”Woman”

Kanye West – ”Yeezus”
Janelle Monáe – ”The Electric Lady”
Dirty Beaches – ”Drifters/Love is the Devil”
Thundercat – ”Apocalypse”
Kurt Vile – ”Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze”
Vampire Weekend –”Modern Vampires of the City”
Boards of Canada – ”Tomorrow’s Harvest”
Milk Music –”Cruise Your Illusion”
Dean Blunt – The Redeemer”
Oneohtrix Point Never – ”R Plus Seven”
James Ferraro – ”NYC Hell, 3:00 A.M”


Frederik Denning
The Men – “New Moon”
Fire! Orchestra – “Exit!”
Arve Henriksen – “Places of worship”
Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano – “The raw and the cooked”
Fire! – “Without Noticing”
Puce Mary – “Succes
Hera/Hamid Drake – “Seven Lines”
James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk – “The Wathers”
Jeremiah Cymerman – “Sky Burial”
Joe McPhee – “Sonic Elements”
Lubomyr Melnyk – “Corollaries”
Mohammad – “Som Sakrifis”
Mostly Other People Do The Killing – “Red Hot”
Mostly Other People Do The Killing – “Slippery Rock”
Rob Mazurek Octet – “Skull Sessions”
Tex Fuller – “Flooded Lawns”
Tomasz Stanko – “Wisława”
Mikal Cronin – “MCII”
Borbetomagus – “Trente Belles Annees”
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall – “Monstrance”


Emil Thorenfeldt
Iceage –” You”re Nothing”
First Flush – ”På tinden”
Synd & Skam – ”Center”

Papir – ”III”
Spost – ”Manio-døs”
Far – ”Sange”
Causa Sui – ”Euporie Tide”
Spids Nøgenhat – ”Kommer med fred”

Papir –” III.I”
First Flush – ”Brødre”
Synd & Skam – ”Flyver Fugle”
Iceage – ”In Haze”
Mainliner – ”The Dispossessed”
Bill Callahan – ”Javelin Unlanding”
Kurt Vile – ”Wakin on a Pretty Day”
Wooden Wand – ”Outsider Blues”

Flowers/Corsano Duo, Mayhem Jazzfest
Tim Exile, Destroyaz, Spinn & Rashad, Hieroglyphic Being, PHONO
Asa Irons & Micah Blue Smaldone, Din Nye Ven
The Clientele, Pop Revo
Titzengor, FoEG
Solhorn, FoEG


Andreas Korsgaard Rasmussen
Basic House – ”Oats”
Rabih Beaini – ”Albidaya”
Max Loderbauer – ”Tranzparens”
NRSB-11 – ”Commodified”
Function – ”Incubation”
Lumigraph – ”Nautically Inclined”
RP Boo – ”Legacy”
TM404 – ”TM404”
MCMXCI – ”Skogen, Flickan och Flaskan”

Powell – ”Fizz”
Container-  ”Treatment”
Morphosis – ”Dismantle/Music For Vampyr”
Prostitutes – ”Shatter and Lose”
Black Sites – ”Prototypes”
Dopplereffekt –”Tetrahymena”

Peter Brötzmann, Mayhem
Nate Young, Mayhem
Dror Feiler, Click
Hector Rottweiler, Click
Mika Vainio/Mika Vainio + Lights People, Click
Morphosis, Sejerø
Felix Kubin, PHONO
Hieroglyphic Being, PHONO
Emptyset, PHONO


Niklas Pedersen
Grouper – “The man who died in his boat”
William Tyler – “Impossible truth
Orchard Thief – “Professional textures”
Pure X – “Crawling up the stairs”
Fluorescent Heights – “Vendetta in paradise”

Rød Himmel – “Styrke”
Jonas Frederiksen – “Confessions of a flaneur”
Woven Blush – “Nothing”
Yung – “ST”

King Krule – “Easy easy”
Rød Himmel –”Rød himmel”
Purple Pilgrims – “Earthy heaven/joon”
Kevin Morby – “Slow train”
Wild Nothing – “A dancing shell”
Aye Nako – “Molasses”


Jonas Kleinschmidt
Kanye West – ”Yeezus” (Universal)
Iceage – ”You”re Nothing” (Matador)
Deep Dark Woods – ”Jubilee” (Sugar Hill)
Lorde – ”Pure Heroine”(Universal)
Pusha T – ”My Name is My Name”(Defjam)
Daft Punk – ”Random Access Memories”(Sony)
Fuck Buttons – ”Slow Focus”
Vampire Weekend – ”Modern Vampires of the City” (Playground)
Joanna Gruesome – ”Weird Sister”


Brille Bjarke
Spost – “Manio-Døs”
Tex Fuller – ”Flooded Lawns, Slow Records”
Puce Mary – ”Success” (Posh Isolation)
Kristian Poulsen og Anders Lauge Meldgaard – ”Diggin ”in” (Yoyooyoy) + Halloween Creativity (Yoyooyoy)
Dirty Beaches – ”Water Park OST” (A Records)
Iceage – ”You”re Nothing” (Escho)
Synd og Skam ”Lad Mig Falde Ind Til Dig” + ”Center” (Escho)


Diana Uh
Puce Mary – “Success LP” (Posh Isolation)
Dean Blunt – “Redeemer LP” (World Music/Hippos In Tanks)
Iceage – “You”re Nothing LP” (Escho/Matador)
Pharmakon – “Abandon LP” (Sacred Bones)
Vår – “No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers LP” (Sacred Bones)
Dirty Beaches – “Drifters / Love is the Devil LP” (Zoo Music)


Andreas Melchior
Jacco Gardner – ”Cabinet of Curiosities”
Cult of Dom Keller – ”s/t”
Night Beats – ”Sonic Bloom”
White Fence – ”Cyclops Reap”
Crystal Stilts – ”Nature Noir”
Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – ”Corruptible Faces”
Holydrug Couple – ”Noctury”
Hookworms – ”Pearl Mystic”
Föllakzoid – ”II”

White Fence – ”White Cat”
Dead Ghosts – ”Roky Said”
Blondi”s Salvation – ”Trust Me”
Polska Radio One – ”Небо Фракталами”
Burried Feather – ”Sink To The Bottom”
Androgynous Mind – ”Knock On My Door”
Crystal Stilts – ”Future Folklore”
Elephant Stone – ”Masters Of War”
Holy Wave – ”Golden Truth”
The Sufis – ”Turn Around”
Ducktails – ”Planet Phrom”
Föllakzoid – ”Trees”

The Clientele, Pop Revo
Young Sinclairs, Cake Shop
Night Beats, Loppen
White Fence, Basement
Wooden Shjips, Pumpehuset
Allah-Las, The Mercury
Föllakzoid, Stengade
Crystal Stilts, Stengade


Kenneth Kristensen
Fire! Orchestra – ”Exit”
Allan Olsen”
TM404 – ”s/t”
Joachim Nordwall – ”Soul Music”
Max Loderbauer – ”Transparenz”
Lonnie Holley – ”Just Before Music”
Arve Henriksen – ”Places of Worship”
Deafheaven – ”Sunbather”
Demdike Stare – alt muligt lort
Papir – ”III”
Goat – ”Live Ballroom Ritual”
Synd Og Skam – ”Lad Mig Falde Ind Til Dig/Center”



Synd & Skam
Kanye West – ”Yeezus”
James Ferraro – ”NYC HELL, 3:00 A.M”
Jonas Frederiksen – ”Confessions of a Flaneur”

Nicki Minaj –”Super Bass”
James Ferraro – ”God of London”


Rasmus Elm Rasmussen, Causa Sui
My Bloody Valentine – “MBV” (Redeye Music Distribution)
Mark Kozelek / Desertshore – “Mark Kozelek & Desertshore” (Caldo Verde Records)
Boards of Canada – “Tomorrows Harvest” (Warp)
Milk Music – “Cruise Your Illusion” (Fat Possum records)
Yo La Tengo – “Fade” (Matador Records)
Bill Callahan – “Dream River” (Drag City)
Date Palms – “The Dusted Sessions” (Thrill Jockey)



Troels Fløe
4 Guys from the future – “Adagio” (Tambourhinoceros)
Angkor wrack – “Puma Punkur” (mastermind)
Damien Dubrovnik – “vanity set” (posh isolation)
Family Underground – “The Dark Lights years” (into the lunar night)
First Flush – “På tinden” (insula)
Frk. Jacobsen – “Lobsters” (eget værelse)
Johns Lunds – “Plays Spiral” (yoyooyoy)
Jonas Frederiksen – “Toekomstje” (rush hour)
Iceage – “You’re Nothing” (escho)
K poulsen/Anders Lauge Meldgaard – “Diggin in” (halloween creativity)
Menthol – “Apreservamat” (cejero)
Pinkunoizu – “The drop” (Full time hobby)
Pre-Be-Un – “Clean Spasms” ((Tambourhinoceros)
Pucy Mary – “Success” (posh isolation)
Skammens Vogn – “Asfalt” (Lolita invest)
Spids Nøgenhat – “Kommer Med Fred” (Bad Afro)
Spost – “Manio-døs” (spost)
Synd og Skam – “Center” (escho) /Synd og Skam – “Lad Mig Falde Ind Til Dig” (escho)
Synd og skam: “Blafret ør” (Insula)
Tee Vee Pop – “The only years” (desire)
Tidsgæst – “Tidsgæst” (afd. O records)
Various artists – “Dokument #1” (københavns kommunes biblioteker)
Various Artists – “Rosehip, scallop, dancer.” (Posh Isolation)
Vår – “No one dances Quite like my brother” (sacred bones)
War – “More Days” (Death shadow records)

Martin Hjort Frederiksen
CHVRCHES – “The Bones of What You Believe”
Håkan Hellström – “Det kommer aldrig va över för mig”
Jon Hopkins – “Immunity”
Los Campesinos! –”No Blues”
Daughter – “If You Leave”
Darkside – “Psychic”
Moonface – “Julia with Blue Jeans on”
Postiljonen – “Skyer”
Julianna Barwick – “Nepenthe”
Autre Ne Veut – “Anxiety”

(Læs også: Årets bedste danske kassettebåndsudgivelser (udvalgt af redaktionen).