Rhizome – Spreading the roots

Feature March 3 2023, af Ivna Franc

Feature by Ivna Franic, photo: Rhizome label logo Over the past couple of years, the Copenhagen-based label Rhizome has put out a string of eclectic releases that cover different fields of experimental music. Their 2021 compilation bag/belly/box, conceptually based around the essay ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’, provides perhaps the best glimpse into the Rhizome universe. In the essay, Ursula K. ...

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Make it Weirder – The Copenhagen Scene from an International Perspective

Feature Most read November 18 2019, af passive/aggressive

By Ivna Franic The periodic excitement over locally specific music scenes appears to be alive and well, having successfully survived the beginning of the Internet age and the still rising tendency of geographically displaced scenes. It would be a stretch to say that the functioning of local scenes has not at all changed, but despite the fact that the ability to publish music releases and build up an international fanbase have become easier, reliance on the immediate ...

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Excepter artist talk i København: “beat-survival and how to make it in the avantgarde”

August 28 2012, af passive/aggressive

“I have been asked to give an artist talk on the request of the Danish government in exchange for my ticket here and back [laughter] I have been asked to talk about beat-survival, and how to make it in the avantgarde under today’s economy which I will refer to the OD Beatnick, Mr. Allen Ginsberg whom I never got to meet, except his boyfriend – at least that’s what he ...

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