Messell – The complex beauty of our communicative failures (interview)

March 21 2020, af mikkelarre

By Macon Holt “If no one fits in,” said Martin Messell to me in his studio in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, “then maybe we don’t have to worry about fitting in.” We were talking about the concept behind his first album under his surname as an artist’s moniker, “Ligesom Rigtige Mennesker”. In translation, the title has a certain ambiguity as it can mean either “just like ...

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Johan Carøe – There is no need to resist imperfection

Kritik November 6 2019, af mikkelarre

Johan Carøe ”zenmetal” (No Technique, 2019) – review by Wieland Rambke There is something hypnotic about the sound of sound on warped tape: When the recording begins to warble, and both speed and pitch start stumbling, a sort of micro-tuning of time is taking place. The medium itself is loosening up, it is letting go. The press text for “zenmetal”, Johan Carøe’s debut EP out on Copenhagen-based ...

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Puce Mary + Drew McDowall + Kali Malone + Manisdron – Reliable Noise (live report)

November 4 2019, af mikkelarre

Kali Malone Percy x Knife Fest, October 24th at Mayhem, Copenhagen – live report by Ivna Franić, photo by Jakub Jezný A few days before Halloween Percy Records and Knife Magazine joined forces with Alice for a night potentially dark and full of terrors, with a heavy bill featuring Puce Mary, Drew McDowall, Kali Malone and Manisdron. (The second part of their mini festival was set ...

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Peter Jørgensen – Waking us up from reality, weaving us into a dream

Kritik June 21 2019, af mikkelarre

Peter Jørgensen ”Alt i stykker” (No Technique, 2019) – review by Giuseppe Pisano Along the years Peter Jørgensen has developed a compositional style that shares common elements with both the new wave of Scandinavian electronic ambient music and the modern-classical long form experimentations of either minimal-music composers such as Morton Feldman and more recent figures in the contemporary music panorama such as Anthony Pateras. In this sense ...

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ASUNA & Jan Jelinek – Grainy micro-structures shrouded in infinite sustain

Kritik April 10 2019, af mikkelarre

ASUNA & Jan Jelinek ”Signals Bulletin” (faitiche, 2019) – review by Wieland Rambke Jan Jelinek is a legend of minimal music: For more than two decades now, the German producer has used samples, field recordings and modular synthesizers to produce gently pulsating music that feels organic, yet hi-tech. On and off through the last five years, he has been collaborating with Japanese sound artist ASUNA, and ...

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Deaf Center – Towards a more spacious melancholy

March 19 2019, af mikkelarre

Interview by Mathias Ruthner Though having existed for more than 15 years, the forthcoming album, “Low Distance”, is only Deaf Center’s third full-length release. Since the Norwegian duo released their first EP, “Neon City”, their output has been somewhat sparse due to the geographical distance between its two members and their wide range of other collaborative and solo outputs. Since the start of their ...

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Rex Kyed – Transithallernes ambivalens

Kritik March 29 2018, af krea Rex Kyed Uhørt 2014_John Eduard

Rex Kyed “S/T” (Infinite Waves, 2018) – anmeldelse af Kim Elgaard Andersen “At rejse er at leve” er nok et af de mest slidte citater på dansk. Det er blevet skamredet så meget, at det næsten har mistet sin betydning. Det var nok også mere ophidsende på H.C. Andersens tid. Nu er det muligt for alle at rejse, og mange ...

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Rafael Anton Irisarri – En patosfyldt skildring af forfaldet

Blog Kritik October 11 2017, af Alexander Julin irisarri

  Rafael Anton Irisarri “The Shameless Years” (Umor Rex) – anmeldelse af Alexander Julin Siden 2007 har den amerikanske producer, multiinstrumentalist og komponist Rafael Anton Irisarri udsendt i alt syv ambient- og drone-albums, som ofte har været præget af spinkelhed. På sit nyeste album, “The Shameless Years”, bevæger han sig i samme genrefelt, men ofte mere patosfyldt og ildevarslende end på især sine tidligste udgivelser.

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John Chantler & Johs Lund – Singulære tilstande af ro og vildskab

Kritik August 29 2017, af mikkelarre endlesssky0010652014_10

John Chantler & Johs Lund “Endless Sky” (selvudgivet, 2017) – anmeldelse af Simon Christensen Vi får at vide, det er en synthesizer, men det lyder som et strengeinstrument, der producerer en lang meditativ drone. Samtidig hører vi ‘cirkular breathing’ på altsaxofonen fra Johs Lund, som hele tiden overskrider den rene tone og bliver gradvist mere abstrakt i løbet af albummets første side. Den anden ...

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