Freedom To Spend – “Right now is the best time to be a fan of strange and forgotten music”

English November 26 2018 FTS-FreedomToSpend-Flag-Logo

Interview by Alexander Julin

Freedom To Spend started in 2017 as a sub-label to RVNG (Visible Cloaks, Oliver Coates, etc). While several other people contribute to the label, some of the primary forces behind are Matt Werth from RVNG as well as Jed Bindeman and Pete Swanson (who, on a note, also produced some phenomenal solo records in 2010-2013 and was a member of the noise duo Yellow Swans).

Freedom to Spend has had an enormously diversive and qualitatively impressive output since its launch, reissuing both raw and minimalistic syntheseizer music and more compositionally experimental works as well. Beginning with “Eye Candy” by Michele Mercure, the label has since also reissued records such as “Eros In Arabia” by Richard Horowitz and “Polemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes” by Pep Llopis, among others.

Contributing to what feels like an ever-expanding amount of labels specializing in what might be termed as “niche” reissues, Freedom To Spend have presented some of the most mesmerising and – partly – forgotten works to a new and to a larger audience in the past two years. They have, as Swanson puts it in a comment on musical reissue culture, been “(…) making sure erased histories are not forgotten.”

In the light of the label’s latest releases, “The Rimarimba Collection” and Michele Mercure’s “Beside Herself”, Passive/Aggressive has interviewed Swanson and Bindeman on the label, their releases so far and their reflections on contemporary trends in reissue culture. Læs resten