Splash Pattern – Funktionelle og detaljerige produktioner formet af Jagtvej 69 (interview)

Blog April 16 2021

Interview af Alexander Julin Mortensen, foto af Christian Klintholm Tobias Rye Adomat udgav sidste år sin debut-ep “Sentinel” efter at have medvirket på en kompilation fra selskabet Kulør tidligere på året. Siden har udgivelsestempoet været relativt højt, idet han både har udgivet en EP i samarbejde med Misantrop samt medvirket på den seneste kompilation på Petrola 80, “Expand”. Nu er han så klar med sin næste ...

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PAN – Electronic music’s adventurous rebellion turns 10

November 12 2018

PAN PAN 10 Years feat. Bill Kouligas, Puce Mary, Tzusing, Eartheater, Amnesia Scanner, Objekt and M.E.S.H., Berghain, October 2018 – live report by Sandra S. Borch Since its launch 10 years ago, the Berlin-based label has touched noise, drone, improv, techno, dub, ambient, and several other genres, stretching and redefining electronic elegance. PAN is as messy as it is elegant. PAN is complicated. PAN is hard to ...

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Physically Sick 2 – Music and medicine against legally administered poverty

Blog April 5 2018

PS2_cover By Emil Néné Rasmussen In the always peculiar legal world of the USA, a particularly odd system is set in motion almost every time someone is held in custody or otherwise detained. The system is called bail, and it is the procedure of letting the detained person pay a deposit to the court in return for being released until their trial. While the exact cost of ...

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