“Equal temperament is the McDonald’s of tuning” – A conversation with Khyam Allami

October 1 2021, af passive/aggressive

Khyam Allami / photos by Malte Folke Ivarsson @ Gong Tomorrow Digital tools for music production are often perceived as the land of opportunity. Technology is shrouded in a narrative of democratization, progress, and artistic freedom. But there are several sides to that story. This is shown by the Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist, composer and researcher Khyam Allami with his sharply conceived project ‘Apotome’, which was ...

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International Women’s Day – paying homage to brilliance

Blog March 8 2019, af Macon Holt

Article by Laura Juncker and Astrid Hald Today is International Women’s Day, which gives us a chance to reflect on the state of things in our immediate surroundings. To look at the workings of what we might be working with. At first glance, we might ask what do the obvious, hard-fact, explicit numbers and ratios tell us? For example, how many female names have ...

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