Drift Radio – on housing diversities and facilitating communities

Blog February 22 2024

Interview by Sofie Westh Out of admiration to DIY and the community radio media, I spoke to the Icelandic DJ and promoter Anton Sandholt (he/they) – aka. Fruit DJ – about what drove them to initiate Drift Radio, the soon-to-be-one-year-old Copenhagen-based radio station and bar. Hosting a broad variety of radio shows every Thursday at Øen, Nørrebro, Drift Radio have quickly turned ...

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New Borders – Crossing Borders in the North

Blog January 12 2024

Interview by Kristoffer Møllegaard, photo by Helene Bergjord On December 1th. the Scandinavia-based improvisational trio New Borders released their debut album North on Copenhagen label CRRNT Collective. The group was formed in Gothenburg in 2021 and consists of British trumpeter Ben Rodney, Swedish saxophonist Adrian Åsling Sellius and Finnish Antti Lähdesmäki, who in the context of this release plays organ and piano. These ...

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Organ Sound Art Festival – adventurous organs in contemporary music

Blog January 10 2024

Report by Mikkel Schou, photo by Ross Adams Finding out what the yearly Organ Sound Art festival is about is actually hard. Beyond social media marketing and the year’s program, there’s not much information online. A casual glance at the program reveals that the scope of the festival is ambitious. Premiers of newly commissioned works every day are presented together with a host of ...

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MINU: Festival for Expanded Music 2023

Blog Kritik December 8 2023

Current Resonance, “Á la Carte”. Photo: Bea Vanhala Minu Festival, November 15 – 19, 2023 – Review by Macon Holt Over five days in mid-November, the third iteration of “MINU: Festival for Expanded Music” was held in Copenhagen. The programme features a huge range of performances including more conventional contemporary classical concerts, music theatre, installation works, experiments with cake, workshops and conference ...

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Kool Music – No Horsing Around

Kritik December 1 2023

Kool Music – “Trois Horses” (Escho, 2023) – review by Ivna Franic From the name of the project to the visual aesthetic of some of the releases, artist and writer Jasper Baydala’s Kool Music has a slightly tongue-in-cheek feel to it. When it comes to the actual music he makes, however, there is little evidence of unseriousness and trickery. Kool Music’s new cassette ...

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Alexander Tillegreen – “I think there is a great possibility in listening to this mirror of your own subconsciousness” (interview)

Blog November 22 2023

By Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo: Press photo The first time I encountered the Danish sound artist, composer, researcher and visual artist Alexander Tillegreen’s work was at the contemporary gallery O-Overgaden in Copenhagen. His exhibition, entitled “Shift”, showed him working in the intersection of scientifically-inspired sound and visual art, centered around a psychoacoustic phenomenon called phantom word illusion – an auditory and language-based illusion whereby ...

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N.E.GIRL – The physical effect of bass-heavy music (interview & mixtape)

Blog September 25 2023

Interview by Alexander Julin Mortensen, photo by NONO GIGSTA The Copenhagen-based DJ Esther Kakai – aka. N.E.GIRL – has become a renowned DJ in the city. Having played numerous shows in Copenhagen since 2018, she’s been an important figure in what feels like a new blossoming of bass-heavy styles in the city’s club scene. This seems like no coincidence, since soundsystem culture ...

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Alter Festival – once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern

Blog September 15 2023

Coverage of Alter Festival (August 24-26, 2023) by Martha Hviid, photos by Natalie Black and Martha Hviid The Aarhus-based Festival Alter has existed for four years. Well, they had to cancel their first year due to that thing which we all remember, but that don’t have to mentioned here. Nevertheless, advertisements prior to this 2020-cancellation had already caught my eye. I’m awfully ...

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