Peter Jørgensen – Waking us up from reality, weaving us into a dream

English Kritik June 21 2019

Peter Jørgensen ”Alt i stykker” (No Technique, 2019) – review by Giuseppe Pisano

Along the years Peter Jørgensen has developed a compositional style that shares common elements with both the new wave of Scandinavian electronic ambient music and the modern-classical long form experimentations of either minimal-music composers such as Morton Feldman and more recent figures in the contemporary music panorama such as Anthony Pateras.

In this sense his new album “Alt i stykker” continues the statement made with the previous release, “Gold Beach”, and delivers us two formally beautiful long pieces of what I would define as instrumental drone music.

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Sean McCann – “My pieces could be performed and interpreted by anyone interested. There is no exclusivity” (interview)

English April 3 2019

Interview by Peter Jørgensen

Following the output and inherent growth of composer Sean McCann has been a joyous ride for me for the past couple of years. His personal and fresh approach to composing and combining sound worlds has made for some of the past years’ most interesting releases. With the added bonus of being refreshingly ignorant of “the latest trend”.

Besides his output as a composer, McCann (born 1988) has since 2012 curated an increasingly essential output on his own label, Recital. A wondrous and ever surprising combination of out-of-print half forgotten masterpieces such as Daniel Schmidt’s “In My Arms, Many Flowers” and Loren Connors’ “Airs”, intertwined with new offerings by the likes of omnipresent Sarah Davachi and McCann himself.

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Sandra Boss – Animal choirs outside of time

Kritik February 17 2018


Sandra Boss ”Luft” (Falt, 2018) – review by Wieland Rambke

Air is the only invisible of the four elements; It can only be seen in its effects. Air is also, mythologically as well as naturally, the element of the voice, of sound and music.
With her most recent release entitled “Luft” (the Danish word for air), composer Sandra Boss has chosen a fitting title; One that encompasses all of these aspects and simultaneously connects them with the mechanical properties of the central instrument of her release: The organ. Læs resten

Roaring Abstraction – An Introduction To Basil Kirchin

English Feature November 10 2017


By Jim Slade

Impossible to categorize or pigeonhole, Basil Kirchin (1927-2005), the elusive polymath of Britain’s musical history, left a rich legacy of melodic titbits that branches out across genre and context. Motivated by the recently released ”Basil Kirchin Is My Friend” record and following a spate of concerts, radio programmes and articles, there is new found attention garnering on this British composer. Who is this bushy bearded fellow who throughout a lifelong musical career played drums in the country’s busiest touring Big Band of the postwar era before morphing into the composer du jour of the best cult film soundtracks of the 1960’s? Balancing commercial success with experimental work, he seamlessly blended tape loops with the frenzied playing of free jazz too and yet, as his back catalogue would attest, Basil Kirchin has a sonic signature that is utterly unique. Læs resten