Animaux Animé – Death disco transcending the personal

Blog English June 28 2019

By Wieland Rambke – photo: Thomas Sørensen

From a landscape in bright, vibrant colours, animal shapes emerge, almost unrecognizable, caught in motion in twisted stances, their colours just as lively as those of the lands that have given birth to them. Between 1944 and 1946, Danish artist Asger Jorn painted “Animaux Animé” – meaning both “animated animals” and “lively animals”. The painting is set in raw and bold brush strokes, mirroring the immediate, innocent vitality of animals. Animaux Animé have taken their name from the picture, and it fits well.

A live concert by Animaux Animé is a captivating experience. Playing what they call “dødsdisko” (death disco), their concerts are wild, primordial and quite refreshing. The group is not occupied with virtuosity or technical prowess. While I had a chat with the band, guitarist Frederik Prinesse Hansen told me that he is making mistakes all the time when playing live. But it doesn’t matter: The immediate impact of the performance is the focal point of Animaux Animé.

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