DJ Sports – A new species in dance music

English Kritik September 25 2017 milanZ

DJ Sports “Modern Species” (Firecracker Recordings, 2017) – review by Morten Løwenstein

When diving into DJ Sports and his back catalogue, you automatically dive into the world of Regelbau. My first intention was not to include any intro to the Aarhus-based collective. However, the background is of great significance in this case. With a crew tally of no less than 11, Regelbau’s members have put Denmark and Aarhus on the dance music map, while simultaneously developing their own unique and confident approach to dance music – or all music – and to the scene itself.

The much-deserved hype of the Regelbau crew has grown in a rarely seen organic way, and the fact that the crew is built on a strong foundation of friendship and common musical interests is clear. Læs resten