Blonde Redhead – More Than a Nostalgia Convention?

English September 18 2018 BR

Blonde Redhead at Vega, August 29th 2018 – live report by Ivna Franić

Passing on opportunities to indulge your 16-year-old self by going to see bands you were into at an earlier stage in life (and had slightly lost interest in over the years) normally isn’t a very difficult task, at least for some of us. Whether it’s out of fear of disappointment, poor previous experiences or the assumption that the only thing you could gain from going to that show is a feeling of sweet nostalgia, the excuses along the lines of: “It’s been what, more than 10 years since you were last excited about them?” or “Their last few records sucked anyway!” usually do the trick.

Now, I don’t know if it was due to their very good EP “3 O’Clock” from last year which hinted at a long-awaited return to form, or to some sort of personal thirties crisis, but I felt like this summer was as a good a time as any to see Blonde Redhead live. Læs resten