“Equal temperament is the McDonald’s of tuning” – A conversation with Khyam Allami

October 1 2021 , af passive/aggressive

Khyam Allami / photos by Malte Folke Ivarsson @ Gong Tomorrow Digital tools for music production are often perceived as the land of opportunity. Technology is shrouded in a narrative of democratization, progress, and artistic freedom. But there are several sides to that story. This is shown by the Iraqi-British multi-instrumentalist, composer and researcher Khyam Allami with his sharply conceived project ‘Apotome’, which was ...

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Passive/Aggressive #9 – Nyt tidsskrift udkommer på print

"Isolation" Blog December 17 2020 , af nilsbloch

Passive/Aggressive #9 “Isolation” udkommer på print i dag – og bliver gratis frem til 31.12.2020 pga. Covid-19. Tidsskriftet kan afhentes hos: Ark Books, Proton Records, Sort Kaffe & Vinyl og Polychrome; eller sendes mod betaling af fragt (40 kr.) – bestil ved at sende din postadresse per mail til Alle abonnementer på Patreon får også automatisk et eksemplar tilsendt. Passive/Aggressive #9 belyser ...

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Passive/Aggressive #8 – Scenic Capitalism, Nostalgia Machines and the need for Interpretative Communities, to be released in November

October 28 2019 , af passive/aggressive

The eighth annual, international Passive/Aggressive zine is set to be released in November as part of the program for Gong Tomorrow 2019. The zine opens with a critical essay on Brian Eno’s notion of the scenius from a materialist perspective and arguing instead for Kodwo Eshun’s conception of Interpretative Communities. Unlike the scenius, which foregrounds the capacity of this social form to produce ...

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