Lost Lands Festival 2018 – Partying and experimenting with the apocalyptic hippies (live report)

English August 26 2018 LLX

Lost Lands Festival, Copenhagen, August 17-18 – review by Wieland Rambke, photos: Cameron Pagett

For its third installment this year, Lost Lands seized the grounds of a small space on Copenhagen’s Refshaleøen and transformed it into a magical clearing. Approaching the festival a day before it started, the first thing I saw was the shape of a rusty boat hall, lying in the landscape like an enormous metal bug. It turned out to be the indoor stage, where half of the concerts where held.

Outside again, I came upon a yard framed and dominated by fresh, solid wood work. This, I learned, was the outdoor stage and bar area. Set between decaying industrial architecture and natural overgrowth, this spot on Refshaleøen became a fitting place for a festival that seeks to combine bold, decidedly left-field and challenging electronic music from a multitude of genre directions. Noise, ambient, hardcore techno, synth-pop: All these attributions dissolved and became irrelevant. Both in the concerts of many individual artists, as well as their combination as a whole. The whole point of the festival is not to cater to a specific field or genre, but to provide a place for those with a love/passion/obsession for unusual and daring music. This element, common to the artists, the audience and the organizers, made for two days of ever-surprising concerts. Læs resten

Lost Lands Festival 2018 – Photo reportage

Feature August 21 2018 IMG_3239

Lost Lands Festival 2018 at Refshaleøen feat. Torus, Yuri, Third Wife & Ernest, Loft, Shattered Form, Céci, Roly Porter, Kowton, Soho Rezanejad, Niki Istrefi, Miro, E-Saggali a.o. Photos by Cameron Pagett. Læs resten

Janushoved – “I always wanted a feeling of anonymity” (interview)

English July 2 2018 IMG_2489 2

Interview and all photos (Yuri & Internazionale, Soho Rezanejad, Raquin, Manon Lescaut 22.06.2018 @ Mayhem) by Cameron Pagett

“I always wanted it to have a feeling of anonymity.” Mikkel Valentin, founder and recording artist of Copenhagen electronic label Janushoved reflects. “I started making noise music when I was 16, I thought I had invented a completely new genre.” (laughs). Some years later and a total of 80 releases past the beginnings of Janushoved it feels like a big step forward to him. Showcasing and coming out and connecting physically as a label and a unit hasn’t always been directly on the cards. With numerous releases under different aliases, the label has a feeling of mystery and familiarity. Having established itself firmly as a name in the local Copenhagen DIY electronic scene, it feels like this could have or should have been done much more than it has. With an adoring local and international audience and a unique presence in the noise community with a sound normally bearing a romantic and sensual aura, Janushoved has grown organically from the seeds of pure sound and a penchant for exotic, bizarre and sentiment driven visuality. “It’s a label that draws the intellectually stimulated melody junkie,” an admirer reveals, “The style is distinctively Copenhagen but feels less harsh and calculating then some others … it’s more like red wine on a Saturday night rather than vodka.”
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Yves Tumor – Perfectly unpredictable (live report)

English April 2 2018 Yves Tumor Mayhem 10

Yves Tumor, Khalil, Scandinavian Star and Soho Rezanejad hosted by Lowlife Scum and Knife Magazine at Mayhem 23.3.2018. Review and all photos by Cameron Pagett.

“Don’t fuck with my shield! Don’t fuck with my shield! …”

It’s the fourth and final set on a crowded Mayhem night and the headliner Yves Tumor has broken or rather, ripped his way through his plastic cage which had separated him from the audience for much of the first portion of his set. The music, or rather the drilling, cerebral, sordid symphony of siren like noise complete with jackhammering, invasive vocals called from the fog for a sense of security. Young men scurried from the imaginary room once partitioned by painter’s plastic which still adorned the majority of empty wallspace in the room.

“Don’t fuck with my shield! Don’t fuck with my shield!” Cries for respect in the midst of full body assault sound filled the space momentarily. Yves stares into a young woman’s eyes standing beyond the table with his controls resting on it. Stares into her eyes possessed with the same madness jolting from the speakers. This is aggressive. Engage or leave.

Mayhem. Læs resten

Astrid Sonne – Balancen mellem gentagelse og fornyelse (interview)

Blog February 12 2018

astrid sonne

Af Alexander Julin

Astrid Sonne er et af de nyeste navne inden for den blomstrende eksperimentelle, elektroniske musik i Danmark. Med alsidige og livlige kompositioner har hun på sit debutalbum, “Human Lines” (Escho), skabt et værk, der både bærer præg af improvisation og en velovervejethed om, hvordan værkets numre komplementerer hinanden – stilistisk, kompositionelt såvel som stemningsmæssigt. Astrid Sonne dyrker gentagelsen uden at udelukke muligheden for fornyelse og uforudsigelighed.

I anledning af “Human Lines” har vi interviewet Sonne om bl.a. improvisation og tilfældighed, indflydelsen fra hendes musikalske skoling i bratsch og sang, om ikke at tøjle musik til bestemte følelser og udtryk, at placere bestemte æstetiske udtryk i alternative sammenhænge og at droppe “den kristne arbejdsmoral”. Læs resten

Soho Rezanejad – Længslens og harmens mange stemmer

Kritik January 19 2018


Soho Rezanejad “Six Archetypes” (Silicone Records, 2018) – anmeldelse af Alexander Julin

Soho Rezanejad debuterede i 2015 med EP’en “Idolatry” på Silicone Records, som Rezanejad selv driver. Foruden et par mindre udgivelser, hvoraf seneste single, “Uplifter”, udkom på Janushoved sidste år, har Rezanejads stemme ellers figureret på bl.a. Croatian Amors album “Love Means Taking Action”  og Lust for Youths album “International”. Mens Rezanejad siden sin debut er blevet en fast del af Lust for Youth og har udgivet en række bånd på Janushoved med projektet Angeles, er “Six Archetypes” det første mere substantielle udspil i eget navn siden “Idolatry”. Læs resten

Truce & Rosen og Spyddet – Images of desire

English Kritik December 12 2017

rosen og spyddet

Truce “An Olive Branch on the Bed, Pictures of Christ and Military Clothes” (Janushoved, 2017) & Rosen og Spyddet “Fantasia” (Janushoved, 2017) – review by Alexander Julin

Since the label’s first release, the compilation “Ny Dansk Romantik” from 2014, Janushoved has manifested itself as one of the most prominent Danish labels when it comes to synth-oriented lo-fi aesthetics. Back in September, the Copenhagen based label released its latest batch of tapes, counting four new releases: “Uplifter” by Soho Rezanejad, a two-track tape consisting of the title track and a remix by Internazionale; a double-tape by Olympisk Løft entitled “Tvillingeseglet” which is the project’s first release since 2015; “An Olive Branch on the Bed, Pictures of Christ and Military Clothes”, which is the fourth release by Truce; and “Fantasia”, the follow-up to Rosen og Spyddet’s “Drengen Ved Brystet” from last year. Læs resten