Aaron Dilloway – Residential tape experiments (premiere)

Blog November 15 2017 22053817628-44064287f2-k_page_image

By Simon Christensen

I can’t remember a time in Copenhagen with the music scene being as diverse and inspiring as this. Not only are there plenty of interesting local artists, but the number of great musicians and pioneers who have been visiting, recording or setup new projects in Copenhagen in recent years is at an all time high. I am not only talking about Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson and Thurston Moore, but also underground heroes like John Fell Ryan, Dean Blunt, Okkyung Lee, Senyawa, Greg Fox, Roscoe Mitchell, Tyshawn Sorey, and Robert Turman have had residencies and made friends here.

The noise veteran Aaron Dilloway is the latest example, as he joins the Cejero label family with his new LP “Switches”. The album is recorded in Copenhagen in the Winter of 2016, where Aaron Dilloway also gave a basement concert in the private home of Thomas Buhl-Wiggers, who runs the Cejero label with Emil Kragh-Schwarz.

During his visit Aaron Dilloway recorded “Switches” on tape and piano. The Wolf Eyes-founder and owner of the record store and label, Hanson Records, Aaron Dilloway could have chosen to release this by himself, but it must have felt natural to connect to the Danish label family, who was also behind one of the comeback records by their common friend, Robert Turman. Also the work behind release of this album has developed into a friendship between Cejero and Aaron Dilloway, Thomas Buhl-Wiggers explained in an interview:

“I have to say that following Aaron Dilloway recording and performing closely on the two occasions he stayed at my house here in Copenhagen with his lovely family has overshadowed everything else in a pretty crazy music year. Aaron is so committed and in sync with his art and craft […] His concert at Mayhem was the music moment of the year (2016) for us at Cejero.”

Info: “Switches” is out today at Cejero. Passive/Aggressive presents the premiere stream of the full album below.