House of Hayduk to release “City Of Quartz”

November 21 2012

Danish producer and film composer Mads Heldtberg, once a guitarist of frenetic Danish crypto-metal outfit Düreforsög, who opened Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival back in 1997 and signed to Faith No More-bass player Billy Gould’s label Koolarrow in 2000, returns with an instrumental album called “City Of Quartz” that was four years in the making. “The title derives from the Mike Davis book on architecture, urbanism and power of Los Angeles. On an abstract level it makes complete sense, to me at least. It was a wicked process that I connect to my moving to Los Angeles.”

In recent times Mads Heldtberg has worked as a film composer and producer – and also made scores for short films – under his moniker House of Hayduk, and in November he debuts with a full album, that you exactly can imagine takes the big city dystopia as a departure point as well as a hint of the “Blade Runner”-atmosphere (which sets it scene in 2019-Los Angeles underworld). The music takes up the bubling analogue synthesizers, colourful guitartwangs, wide range of effect pedals and the syncopated and math-like schemes of free form percussion.

Hayduk is Hungarian for foot soldier, but this assembly seems more like an army of generals. Bass player Billy Gould (Faith No More/Koolarrow) and experimental drummer Charles Hayward (This Heat/b. 1951) play major roles on “City Of Quartz” that also counts BJ Miller from Health, Dean Hurley (musical producer of David Lynch), Timba Harris (Estradasphere), Anders Trentemøller and Peter Peter. Wow!!!!

Info: House Of Hayduk – “City Of Quartz” (45 mins.) is set to release on vinyl only November 23 via Koolarrow.