Ursula Nistrup – The sound of sand and wind sculpting speculative alternatives to Planet Earth

English Kritik June 12 2019
Ursula Nistrup’s installation “From the Pink Sand” at the art museum of Holstebro – photo by David Stjernholm

Ursula Nistrup ”Cosmic Desert” (Resonans Recordings, 2019) – review by Wieland Rambke

In just a few weeks, on July 20, we will see the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. With mankind setting foot in outer space, we ourselves have become aliens: An extra-terrestrial species roaming the universe, visitors from a far-away planet. Should Elon Musk’s fantasies of space travel and interplanetary colonialisation come true, then being aliens will become part of what we are as a species.

The Alien and the Familiar play a crucial role on Danish artist Ursula Nistrups release ”Cosmic Desert“ which was conceptualised by Nistrup and realised by sound designer Peter Albrechtsen. The album presents two sound pieces that originally were used in her solo exhibitions.

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Eartheater – Live in Copenhagen

English May 20 2019

Live report by Cameron Pagett

Most of the crowd have finished their food in the lounge outside of Alice CPH on a mild and breezy spring afternoon. I nibble at a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie just after introductions to Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater) and her harp expert travel mate, Marilu. It’s been only a couple minutes and we are already discussing the possibility of having my assistant, who also happens to be an opera singer, join her randomly for soundcheck to see if his skills would fit into their performance that evening.

Both fans, we are simultaneously excited and a bit awestruck that this is actually on the table. It’s only the beginning of the interview, and one of us is doing his best sales pitch and the other might end up on stage with a hero before the end of the night!

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Gullo Gullo – En ærtesuppe fyldt med miner

Kritik February 7 2019

Gullo Gullo “Raw Moon” (Escho, 2019) – anmeldelse af Kim Elgaard Andersen

Supergruppe! Kom og køb! Superstjerner laver sensationelt superalbum!

Supergruppe-udnævnelsen er normalt noget, pladeselskaber bruger til at lokke købere af deres album til.

Fordel: Fans fra de forskellige bands bliver lokket til, selvom de ikke kan lide de andre superstjerners band, og pludselig har man en akkumuleret fanbase så ekstremt stor, at millionerne ruller ind. Sjovt nok udfolder det sig sjældent sådan. De fleste fans vil åbenbart helst bare have mere af deres i forvejen foretrukne bands. Men der har da været succesfulde supergrupper gennem tiden: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, This Mortal Coil, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Breeders, Fantômas og Run the Jewels for eksempel.

Gullo Gullo er ikke en supergruppe i traditionel forstand. Det er begrænset, hvor stor udbredelse medlemmernes respektive bands har. Og Escho skal på ingen måde have skudt i skoene at promovere bandet som supergruppe. Det er udelukkende mig, der hæver dem til det niveau. Men det er da for pokker en slags supergruppe fra Danmarks undergrund.

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Disformation – Liberating music from all kinds of context (interview)

English August 18 2018


By Wieland Rambke

How do you create a space without a context? This question lies at the heart of new-founded experimental music label Disformation, conceived by Casper Gottlieb and Jesper Bagger Hviid of Copenhagen-based noise act GOHV. In its output, the label seeks to release music that pits itself against the very notion of context: Disformation rejects the creation of narratives as a whole.

For the listener, every attempt at being able to personally relate to the label’s output is denied in favour of releases that seek to isolate music as much as possible from any associative frame. What remains is music that is as blatant as it is abject. Music that is simultaneously cloaked and in-your-face.

But how do you create a space with no boundaries, without any points of reference? What remains when the backgrounds disappear? Læs resten

Sandra Boss – Animal choirs outside of time

Kritik February 17 2018


Sandra Boss ”Luft” (Falt, 2018) – review by Wieland Rambke

Air is the only invisible of the four elements; It can only be seen in its effects. Air is also, mythologically as well as naturally, the element of the voice, of sound and music.
With her most recent release entitled “Luft” (the Danish word for air), composer Sandra Boss has chosen a fitting title; One that encompasses all of these aspects and simultaneously connects them with the mechanical properties of the central instrument of her release: The organ. Læs resten