Mixtape: Festival Of Endless Gratitude 2009-2011

May 2 2012

Den alternative kunst- og musikfestival Festival Of Endless Gratitude har kompileret dette Passive/Aggressive-mixtape med et udvalg af de kunstnere, der enten har optrådt på festivalen eller til andre koncerter, som holdet bag festivalen har arrangeret. Den kronisk økonomisk trængte koncertforening, der startede som en hyldest til New Weird America-scenen (herunder Ron Schneiderman fra Sunburned Hand Of The Man), har endnu ikke lagt fast, om der bliver en Festival Of Endless Gratitude i 2012.

1. Carol Anne McGowan – So To The Sea
2. Micah Blue Smaldone – A Derelict
3. Ralph White – Stain On My Brain
4. Red Favorite – Routine
5. Astral Blessing – Skeleton
6. Jozef van Wissem – The Joy That Never Ends
7. Asa Irons – Abacus
8. Kurt Weisman – When I Saw Him With You
9. MX – Der hvor fuglen bygger
10. Cam Deas – As Spring Fell From The Leaves
11. Causa Sui – Pewt’r Wozniacki
12. Shiggajon – Spejlet Læs resten

Mixtape: New Danish Sound

April 4 2012

Passive/Aggressive proudly presents a selection the best new Danish sounds of what, we consider, is the finest, most heartfelt and curious music in this rotten kingdom. The blog’s aim is to change the way people talks and especially writes about music in Denmark, and to liberate the classic view on aesthetics in music, to democratize the distribution of music, and really to offer a suitable and valuable-though-profitless alternative platform to artists, that takes other routes and go beyond the Danish media system of music. In every modern conception of music listening, everyone is able to enjoy – what could be labeled as; difficult music. So how do we, the people, make this visible and distribute it? Læs resten