Lost Lands Festival 2018 – Partying and experimenting with the apocalyptic hippies (live report)

English August 26 2018 LLX

Lost Lands Festival, Copenhagen, August 17-18 – review by Wieland Rambke, photos: Cameron Pagett

For its third installment this year, Lost Lands seized the grounds of a small space on Copenhagen’s Refshaleøen and transformed it into a magical clearing. Approaching the festival a day before it started, the first thing I saw was the shape of a rusty boat hall, lying in the landscape like an enormous metal bug. It turned out to be the indoor stage, where half of the concerts where held.

Outside again, I came upon a yard framed and dominated by fresh, solid wood work. This, I learned, was the outdoor stage and bar area. Set between decaying industrial architecture and natural overgrowth, this spot on Refshaleøen became a fitting place for a festival that seeks to combine bold, decidedly left-field and challenging electronic music from a multitude of genre directions. Noise, ambient, hardcore techno, synth-pop: All these attributions dissolved and became irrelevant. Both in the concerts of many individual artists, as well as their combination as a whole. The whole point of the festival is not to cater to a specific field or genre, but to provide a place for those with a love/passion/obsession for unusual and daring music. This element, common to the artists, the audience and the organizers, made for two days of ever-surprising concerts. Læs resten

Berlin Atonal 2017 – Low-risk techno

September 10 2017 Abul Mogard_Berlin Atonal 2017 © Camille Blake-2

Berlin Atonal 2017, August 20th-24th – live report by Ivna Franić, photos: Camille Blake/Atonal

Berlin Atonal’s second incarnation quickly gained the status of an industrial techno institution, bringing some of the strongest names in the game to perform exclusive sets in a unique setting year after year. Now in its fifth year, Atonal 2.0 starts to show signs that it might need to rethink its formula a bit.

A significant part of the programme takes place at the club spaces of OHM and Tresor, but the large industrial space of Kraftwerk undoubtedly makes for the centre of the festival. Attending this space, which could hardly be described as “comfy”, is an experience in itself, although doing it for five days in a row can exhaust the powerful first impression. Læs resten

2016 as seen and heard from Istanbul – Masterful sound experiments and Turkish tips

Blog January 3 2017 ipek-foto

By Ipek Gorgun – introduction by Mads Kjeldgaard

Turkish sound artist, experimentalist and musician Ipek Gorgun released one of the most spectacular debut albums of 2016. As such, she is one of the most interesting artists to emerge on our musical radars in 2016: The self-released “Aphelion” is a deep exploration of the sonic possibilities of computer music with experiments in spectral sound, noise as well as concrete methods. Her album has been picked up by renowned record label Touch which reissued the album in December 2016. Gorgun is also an alumni of the 2014 Red Bull Music Academy and is currently enrolled in the doctoral program of sonic arts at Istanbul Technical University’s Center for Advanced Studies in Music. We asked her what musical experiences shaped the year 2016, and she replied by reviewing the album she loved the most and by recommending some of the best music coming out of Turkey last year. Læs resten