Anyines – Record Labels in the Age of the Platform

Feature Most read November 11 2019

Interview by Macon Holt  The small Copenhagen music platform, Anyines, was founded in 2017 by long-time members of the Danish electronic (is there any other kind) music scene, Villads Klint (Minais B) and Aske Zidore (An Gella). Based out of the administrative building for a former maintenance facility for the Danish State train company DSB, the locations of their studio has the same atmosphere ...

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SAD PIANO – The First Sounds of “Final Ears”

Kritik May 17 2019

Sad Piano “Final Ears” (Anyines, 2019) – Review by Macon Holt The debut EP from Sad Piano, “Final Ears”, is a festival of digital delights but after that one drink, line or pill too many. There are moments on this record, particularly on the title track, that sound like the most atrociously cheesy MIDI jingles. But then, seconds later, these jingles are dragged through some kind ...

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