Vort Fatum – New black metal festival arises at Mayhem in 2019

December 7 2018 1

By Simon Christensen

Hosted by the people of Korpsånd and (the Copenhagen venue) Mayhem, a new two-day black metal festival is taking place for the first time in March 2019. The program is dedicated to the raw, contemporary black metal and will be headlined by Carved Cross from Australia and the two Montréalais bands Verglas and Akitsa, both bands released on the excellent label Tour de Garde, which is also founded by Akitsa’s main man Outre-Tombe. Akitsa is one of the longest-lived black metal-groups on the Canadian scene being active for almost 20 years with a series of releases on Profound Lore Records and Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions as well.

From the South of Sweden comes Jordablod, and from the local Copenhagen scene Grifla de la Secta, Jordslået and the debut of Ascendency, as well as more synth-based openers each night with Ærekær (Emil Toft, Jesper Bagger Hviid) and Henbane (Claus Haxholm). After the inaugural Vort Fatum Akitsa will proceed to play a few European concerts with Grifla de la Secta that confirms the transatlantic bond between Korpsånd and Tour de Garde.

Vort Fatum sends this statement: “The black metal underground truly lives its shady life under ground. This festival is about allowing the shadows of this world as much presence as the already illuminated. Like every other ritual, this act needs its witnesses in order to establish the truth. Fate is a matter of choice; Join or don’t.”

20.00 – Henbane
21.00 – Grifla da la Secta
22.00 – Jordslået
23.00 – Verglas (Canada)
00.00 – Carved Cross (Australia)

20.00 – Ærekær
21.00 – Ascendency
22.00 – Jordablod (Sweden)
00.00 – Akitsa (Canada)

Info: Vort Fatum takes place March 15-16 at Mayhem. There will be 40 tickets reserved for international visitors (write your name to, and the rest will be sold at the door. The final act will be revealed later. (RSVP)