Passive/Aggressive #8 – Scenic Capitalism, Nostalgia Machines and the need for Interpretative Communities, to be released in November

October 28 2019

The eighth annual, international Passive/Aggressive zine is set to be released in November as part of the program for Gong Tomorrow 2019. The zine opens with a critical essay on Brian Eno’s notion of the scenius from a materialist perspective and arguing instead for Kodwo Eshun’s conception of Interpretative Communities. Unlike the scenius, which foregrounds the capacity of this social form to produce cultural ...

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Pretty Nihilist Pop – Defending Charli XCX against her devotees

Feature October 18 2019

By Mandus Ridefelt When Charli XCX released “Charli” in September 2019, it was her third full-length album and her first after the 2016-17 mixtapes, “Vroom Vroom”, “Number 1 Angel” and “Pop 2″, that had defined her as an artist”. Particularly, the ingeniously titled “Pop 2”, which established Charli XCX as a central figure to what commonly was referred to as the “future of pop”. “Pop ...

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Mark Fisher – Or how K-Punk intensifies the political possibilities of music

Feature January 21 2019

“K-Punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016)”, edited by Darren Ambrose, Repeater Books, 2018 – Essay by Macon Holt. Mark Fisher was the most important music critic of his generation. And in some ways, he continues to be so despite taking his own life over two years ago. I think one of the main reasons for this was that, for Mark, writing, ...

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Hauntology – En introduktion til Mark Fisher og mislyden af den umulige fremtid

Feature March 15 2017

MarkFisher photo repeaterbooks Af Emil Grarup – Photo courtesy of Repeater Books. Det var ikke indtil for ganske nyligt, at jeg stiftede bekendtskab med den britiske kulturteoretiker og musikskribent Mark Fisher (1968-2017), også kendt som k-punk. Jeg læste det norske kulturtidskrift Vagants nekrolog i forbindelse med hans nylige død og stødte her første gang på begrebet ‘hauntology’ i forbindelse med hans bog “Ghosts of My Life”, ...

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