Peter Brötzmann – missing some passion and a political discussion

English Feature April 23 2013 brotzmannafniklasvindelev

Af Simon Christensen. Foto: Niklas Adrian Vindelev.

Den europæiske freejazz’ førsteelsker. Den tyske jernlunge fra Wuppertal og manden bag “Machine Gun”, Peter Brötzmann, er en hyppig dansk gæst og har også spillet med flere danske musikere. Med tiden nyder den nu 72-årige saxofonist anerkendelse ikke bare for sin betydning for freejazzen i Europa (contra den amerikanske skole) dengang, men også i dag hvor han fortsat er med til at tegne jazzscenen med såvel romantiske som brutale brøl gennem instrumentet.

P/A: What do you cherish about your collaborations with The Wild Man’s Band (Peter Friis and P.O. Jørgens)?
P/B: Beside all the musical abilities those two gentlemen have to offer over the years we developed a kind of distanced friendship which is rare in our field of music.

P/A: You have played in all kinds of formats of course, but what do you think about the duo-format with fx Paal Nilssen-Love, Nasheet Waits, Han Bennink?
P/B: Drums are the soul. The guts of the music, the drummer always was and still is the most important guy in the band, means – I often don’t need somebody else. It gives you all the freedom you need , it forces you to be concentrated every second and you have to put whatever you have into the conversation/fight. Læs resten

House of Hayduk to release “City Of Quartz”

English November 21 2012

Danish producer and film composer Mads Heldtberg, once a guitarist of frenetic Danish crypto-metal outfit Düreforsög, who opened Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival back in 1997 and signed to Faith No More-bass player Billy Gould’s label Koolarrow in 2000, returns with an instrumental album called “City Of Quartz” that was four years in the making. “The title derives from the Mike Davis book on architecture, urbanism and power of Los Angeles. On an abstract level it makes complete sense, to me at least. It was a wicked process that I connect to my moving to Los Angeles.”

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Hooray For Earth mixtape for Denmark

English August 19 2012

by noel heroux of hooray for earth, newyork

It’s no secret that us and our friends have all fallen hard for Denmark in the past few years…for me it started with the accidental acquisition of “…And The Glass Handed Kites” (by Mew, ed.) in 2005, then later discovering Oh No Ono in 2009. At that point it seemed to me that I’d found a place where like-minded musicians were just totally letting loose and creating all this majestic, fantastical music. This mix here is just kind of a journey riding along that sort of feeling – some tracks related, some random (some obviously of Danish descent). This is a clunky mix I guess but it’s just all about the magic in each of the songs.

The start and end tracks were both sent to me by Malthe Fischer a couple years ago when he was giving us a bit of education on Danish classics (hope I got the titles right). Thanks to Nis Svoldgård for the Gangway introduction. Also please excuse the poor quality of that old Thulebasen track, I think it was downloaded from MySpace. Læs resten

Hør Thurston Moores artist talk og musik af Chelsea Light Moving

English August 10 2012

“I don’t want to be some kind of solo-artist who is ex- a band like Sonic Youth. It seemed kind of boring to me. I just don’t wanted to come to a new town and be Thurston Moore, ex-Sonic Youth, I liked the idea of having a band, of being a band, that had a title or some kind of aesthethic. I always thought of bands as gangs coming into town and playing shows in the middle of the night.”

Mandag den 6. august gav Thurston Moore koncert i København, og i den forbindelse deltog han i en artist talk på Københavns Hovedbibliotek i samtale med Lars Movin. Her taler de blandt andet om forskellen på Thurston Moores seneste soloalbum “Demolished Thoughts” og hans band Chelsea Light Moving, inspirationskilder til William S. Bourroughs og Roky Ericksson, og om fluxusbevægelsen og musikalske eksperimenter i New York i 70’erne og 80’erne, fx. Suicide og CBGB. Læs resten