Ingen grænsebomme – Årets 120 bedste udgivelser ifølge Mikkel A. Kongstad

Feature December 26 2016, af mikkelarre Pedro Sorongo Pesquisando sons, Santa Teresa(casa), RJ

Af Mikkel A. Kongstad

Årets bedste genudgivelser:
1) Pedro Santos: “Krishnanda” (Mr. Bongo)
2) Joanna Brouk: “Hearing Music” (Numero Group)
3) Wolfgang Voigt: “Gas Box” (Kompakt)
4) Ahmed Malek: “Musique Originale de Films” (Habibi Funk)
5) Woo: “Awaawaa” (Palto Flats)
6) Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Guebru: “S/T” (Mississippi Records)
7) Suzanne Ciani: “Buchla Concerts 1975” (Finders Keepers)
8) Various Artists – “Space Echo: The Mystery behind the cosmic sound of Cabo Verde finally revealed!” (Analog Africa)
9) Yasuaki Shimizu: “Kakashi” (Better Days)
10) Anna Homler and Steve Moshier: “Breadwoman & Other Tales” (RVNG Intl.)

11) Jose Mauro: “Obnoxius” (Far Out Recordings)
12) Arthur Verocai: “Arthur Verocai” (Mr. Bongo)
13) Jaime e Nair: “Jaime e Nair” (Polysom)
14) Various Artists: “Venezuela 70: Cosmic Visions of a Latin American Earth: Venezuelan Experimental Rock in the 1970s” (Soul Jazz)
15) Oriental Sunshine: “Dedicated to the Bird We Love” (Round 2)
16) Sory Bamba Du Mali: “Sorry Bamba Du Mali” (Africa Seven)
17) Abdou El Omari: “Nuits D’Été Avec Abdou El Omari” (Radio Martiko)
18) Egil Monn Iverson: “Himmel og Helvete” (Moving Music)
19) Erol Pekcan/Tuna Ötenel/Kudret ôztoprak: “Jazz Semai” (Rainbow 45)
20) Yishak Banjaw: “Love Songs Vol. 2” (Teranga Beat)

Årets 100 bedste: Internationalt og nationalt sammensurium (der er ingen grænser at kontrollere)
1) Innercity Ensemble: “III” (Instant Classic)
2) Horse Lords: “Interventions” (Northern Spy)
3) The Comet Is Coming: “Channel the Spirits” (Leaf Label)
4) Jeff Parker: “The New Breed” (International Anthem Recording Company)
5) Sarathy Korwar: “Day To Day” (Ninja Tune/The Steve Reid Foundation)
6) Suzanne Kraft: “What You Get For Being Young” (Melody As Truth)
7) Szun Waves: “At Sacred Walls” (Buffalo Temple)
8) Radiohead: “A Moon Shaped Pool” (XL Recordings)
9) Strobes: “Brokespeak” (Blood And Biscuits)
10) Dwarfs of East Agouza: “Bes” (Nawa Recordings)

11) Steve Hauschildt: “Strands” (Kranky)
12) Adam Betts: “Colossal Squid” (Blood And Biscuits)
13) Tyondai Braxton: “Oranged Out EP” (Selvudgivet)
14) Ian William Craig: “Centres” (130701)
15) Jakob Skøtt: “All the Colours of the Dust” (El Paraiso)
16) Ka: “Honor Killed the Samurai” (Iron Works)
17) Shabaka Hutchings and the Ancestors: “Wisdom of Elders” (Brownswood Recordings)
18) Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanna Ciani: “Sunergy” (RVNG Intl.)
19) Chris Abrahams: “Fluid to the Influence” (Room 40)
20) Oneida & Rhys Chatham: “What’s Your Sign?” (Northern Spy)

21) Huerco S.: “For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)” (Proíbito)
22) The Caretaker: “Everywhere at the End of Time” (History Always Favours The Winners)
23) Vanishing Twin: “Choose Your Own Adventure” (Soundway)
24) Skeletons: “Am I Home?” (Altin Village & Mine Records)
25) Ramzi: “Phobiza dia vol. 1” (Total Stasis)
26) Sote: “Hardcore Sounds From Tehran” (Opal Tapes)
27) Vince Staples: “Prima Donna” (Def Jam)
28) Lambchop: “FLOTUS” (City Slang)
29) Dedekind Cut: “$uccessor” (NON/Hospital Productions)
30) Pedro Vian: “Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories” (Modern Obscure Music)

31) Three Trapped Tigers: “Silent Earthling” (Superball Music)
32) Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids: “We Be All Africans” (Strut)
33) Jay Daniel: “Broken Knowz” (Technicolour)
34) Acid Arab: “Musique de France” (Crammed Discs)
35) Danny Brown: “Atrocity Exhibition” (Warp Records)
36) Solange: “A Seat at the Table” (Columbia)
37) Noberto Lobo: “Muxama” (Three: four Records)
38) BadBadNotGood: “IV” (Innovative Leisure Records)
39) Jaleh Negari: “Arch Waves” (Eget Værelse)
40) Kendrick Lamar: “Untitled Unmastered” (Top Dawg Entertainment)

41) Ex Confusion: “Last” (Orchid Tapes)
42) Adrian Younge: “The Electronique Void” (Linear Labs)
43) Colin Stetson: “Sorrow” (52hz)
44) Kornél Kovács: “The Bells” (Studio Barnhus)
45) Jakob Bro: “Streams” (ECM Records)
46) Ash Koosha: “I AKA I” (Ninja Tune)
47) Elephant9/Reine Fiske: “Silver Mountain” (Rune Grammofon)
48) Deerhoof: “The Magic” (Polyvinyl)
49) Casino Versus Japan: “Frozen Geometry” (Selvudgivet)
50) Samiyam: “Animals Have Feelings” (Stones Throw)

51) Videodrones: “Mondo Ferox” (El Paraiso)
52) Betonkust/Palmbomen II: “Center Parcs” (1080p)
53) Hieroglyphic Being: “The Disco’s of Imhotep” (Technicolour)
54) Shy Layers: “S/T” (Growing Bin Records)
55) Forma: “Physicalist” (Kranky)
56) Stein Urheim: “Strandebarm” (Hubro)
57) Jeff Parker: “Slight Freedom” (Eremite Records)
58) Lotto: “Elite Feline” (Instant Classic)
59) Carlos Nino & Friends: “Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening!” (Leaving Records)
60) Oren Ambarchi: “Hubris” (Editions Mego)

61) Frank Ocean: “Blonde” (Boys Don’t Cry)
62) Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: “Ears” (Western Vinyl)
63) Fire! Orchestra: “Ritual” (Rune Grammofon)
64) Roly Porter: “Third Law” (Tri Angle)
65) Gold Panda: “Good Luck and Do Your Best” (City Slang)
66) Sam Shalabi & Alan Bishop: “Mother of All Sinners” (Unrock)
67) Dungen: “Häxan” (Smalltown Supersound)
68) Julianna Barwick: “Will” (Dead Oceans)
69) Mahatma X: “The Great Soul Dynamic” (Selvudgivet)
70) David Bowie: “Blackstar” (ISO Records)

71) Kanye West: “The Life of Pablo” (G.O.O.D. Music)
72) Elektro Guzzi: “Clones” (Macro)
73) Nils Petter Molvær: “Buoyancy” (Okeh)
74) Hans Abrahamsen: “Let Me Tell You” (Winter & Winter)
75) Goat: “Requiem” (Sub Pop)
76) Jenny Hval: “Blood Bitch” (Sacred Bones)
77) Gaye Su Akyol: “Hologram Ĭmparatorluğu” (Glitterbeat)
78) Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy & Bitchin Bajas: “Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties” (Drag City)
79) William Tyler: “Modern Country” (Merge)
80) Nicolas Jaar: “Sirens” (Other People)

81) Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)
82) Bremer/McCoy: “Forsvinder” (Raske Plader)
83) Noura Mint Seymali: “Arbina” (Glitterbeat)
84) Leonard Cohen: “You Want It Darker” (Columbia)
85) Kedr Livanskiy: “January Sun” (2MR)
86) Lars Bech Pilgaards Slowburn: “Som Før” (Mom Eat Dad Records)
87) Doomsday Student: “A Self-help Tragedy” (Three One G)
88) Morgan Delt: “Phase Zero” (Trouble in Mind)
89) Sam Shalabi: “Isis & Oziris” (Nashazphone)
90) Nxworries: “Yes Lawd!” (Stones Throw)

91) Russian Circles: “Guidance” (Sargent House)
92) Mndsgn: “Body Wash” (Stones Throw)
93) Brian Eno: “The Ship” (Warp)
94) Keita Sano: “Keita Sano” (Rett I Fletta)
95) Shirley Collins: “Lodestar” (Domino)
96) Chris Cohen: “As If Apart” (Captured Tracks)
97) Nat Birchall: “Creation” (Sound Soul And Spirit)
98) Bob Hund: “Dödliga Klassiker” (Woah Dad!)
99) Matt Kivel: “Fires on the Plain” (Driftless Recordings)
100) Neil Cowley Trio: “Spacebound Apes” (Hide Inside)