Anyines – Record Labels in the Age of the Platform

Feature Most read November 11 2019

Interview by Macon Holt  The small Copenhagen music platform, Anyines, was founded in 2017 by long-time members of the Danish electronic (is there any other kind) music scene, Villads Klint (Minais B) and Aske Zidore (An Gella). Based out of the administrative building for a former maintenance facility for the Danish State train company DSB, the locations of their studio has the same atmosphere as the grizzly ...

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Anders Vestergaard – Et rendyrket svendestykke i komplekse, ceremonielle trommer

Kritik November 1 2019

Anders Vestergaard “Prime Float // Unitary Perfect” (Anyines 2019) – anmeldelse af Klaus Q. Hedegaard Den danske trommeslager Anders Vestergaard (Yes Deer, Boujeloud, Girls In Airports m.fl.) har et utal af fantastiske udgivelser og koncerter på sit CV, som oftest i omegnen af den eksperimenterende jazz, improviseret musik og what not for nysgerrige lyttere. Hans seneste soloudspil “Prime Float // Unitary Perfect”, er ingen undtagelse. ...

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Passive/Aggressive #8 – Scenic Capitalism, Nostalgia Machines and the need for Interpretative Communities, to be released in November

October 28 2019

The eighth annual, international Passive/Aggressive zine is set to be released in November as part of the program for Gong Tomorrow 2019. The zine opens with a critical essay on Brian Eno’s notion of the scenius from a materialist perspective and arguing instead for Kodwo Eshun’s conception of Interpretative Communities. Unlike the scenius, which foregrounds the capacity of this social form to produce cultural ...

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Fast Forward – The past is recent and the future is wide open (interview)

March 10 2018

IMG_0388 Interview and images by Cameron Pagett “I like it,” Nikolaj Jakobsen remarks with a gratifying sip of beer as I inquire about the infamous Fast Forward Alien Head logo. Lukas Højlund pauses in the moment and mentions; ”Yeah, it was never supposed to be the logo … on the first party at Ungdomshuset we put all sorts of things on the poster … We also ...

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Minais B – Teknologisk og velplejet menneskelighed

Kritik November 27 2017

37570691211_ea9c157625_h Minais B “Deep Care” (Anyines, 2017) – anmeldelse af Emil Néné Rasmussen Minais B alias Villads Klint udgav i september albummet ”Deep Care”. For nogle vækker navnet måske mest af alt associationer til den nye gruppe Khalil, men han har tidligere udgivet to bånd som Minais B på Blodrøde Floder samt en EP på Petrola 80. At kalde “Deep Care” et album er imidlertid ikke helt ...

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