Fast Forward Turns Two – A photo-reportage

English March 10 2018 IMG_9640 IMG_9228 IMG_9543

Photo-reportage from Fast Forward 2 Years feat. Freddy K, Hyperaktivist, CTRLS, Khalil, Osvald Lund Rønde, Sella Turcica @ KPH Volume by Cameron Pagett.

IMG_9258 IMG_9264 IMG_9337 IMG_9402 IMG_9407 IMG_9484 IMG_9495 IMG_9614 IMG_9642 IMG_9657 IMG_9663 IMG_9688 IMG_9708 IMG_9719 IMG_9727 IMG_9737

All images by Cameron Pagett.

Read the reportage and the birthday interview with Fast Forward here: