Age Coin – Techno med adrenalinkicket som puls

Kritik October 23 2018 c2f1f865-a6ba-493c-bdd7-aef2c5f5f124_1510790400

Age Coin “She Who Sold Me Told Me” (Posh Isolation, 2018) – anmeldelse af Emil Grarup

For nylig udgav den efterhånden rutinerede københavnske technoduo Age Coin EP’en “She Who Sold Me Told Me”. Simon Formann, forhenværende guitarist i postpunkkvartetten Lower og nu aktiv med technoprojektet Yen Towers og som medlem af eksperimentalpop-trioen Khalil, udgør den ene halvdel. Kristian Emdal, forhenværende bassist i Lower, nuværende i Marching Church, udgør den anden. EP’en er deres syvende udspil og er, ligesom størstedelen af deres forrige udgivelser, udkommet på pladeselskabet Posh Isolation.

Rutinen til trods virker det dog ikke til, at duoen er gået ned hverken i tempo eller intensitet. Snarere tværtimod, hvis man tager udgangspunkt i “She Who Sold Me Told Me” og deres EP fra tidligere i år, “Maybe Fake Is What I Like”. Begge byder på industrielle techno-kompositioner, der placerer sig i den hidsige ende af skalaen. Læs resten

Fast Forward – The past is recent and the future is wide open (interview)

English March 10 2018 IMG_0388

Interview and images by Cameron Pagett

“I like it,” Nikolaj Jakobsen remarks with a gratifying sip of beer as I inquire about the infamous Fast Forward Alien Head logo. Lukas Højlund pauses in the moment and mentions; ”Yeah, it was never supposed to be the logo … on the first party at Ungdomshuset we put all sorts of things on the poster … We also had the bio-hazard symbol, but it’s not really the logo.”

I still have the first Fast Forward poster on my desktop, 2015 is not so long ago, but looking at the visual building block and having a reasonable understanding of what happens next after 400 people danced the dark away at Ungdomshuset I am feeling nostalgia. The poster feels retro now and it’s undeniably cozy when I reckognize some of the same people have played at recent shows and one played at the two year anniversary in November. Two years really isn’t so long ago, but after 30 raves, an eternity of shared memories, an explosion of growth, a new, unique agency and thousands of stories within a growing community the first party with the first Alien Head feels ages away.

Two years after the first poster I have the same alien head on my scarve shielding my face from a cold wind off Istedgade, I am finally on my way to a Fast Forward Party. A fairly recent resident in Copenhagen I mostly heard about Fast Forward through my girlfriend after buying her the Alien scarf from Posh Isolation’s 8 year celebration in March, 2017. I didn’t realize then that the unofficial official logo was connected to the agency and collective currently throwing the biggest techno parties in Copenhagen. Now less then a year removed I’m stuffing a warm durum in my backpack to hold me through the night and I’m cycling to work past kl. 23 at the much anticipated two year anniversary party located centrally in the large former train warehouse KPH Volume in Vesterbro. The windows are shaking and the walls pulsing to the opening tracks from Bunker Bauer power group Sella Turcica and Osvald Lund Rønde, and I am feeling any late night fatigue fade from my body as each sound wave pushes it out. It’s still early, I greet familiar faces, meet new ones, orient my camera and enjoy a nice beer with the door girl while devouring a now lukewarm durum kebab.

The floor is already vibrating with a small contingent of earlies enjoying an explosive, seething opening set from Sella Turcica and Rønde. I begin to wander through the space and start my night. Volume consists of two rooms with the entry room consisting of a large coat area and a rather impressive visual installation made specifically for the event by Fast Forward Collective Artists Ida Engelhart and Sara Konoy. The artwork and excellent lighting system from Tobias Molter and Paloma Cuesta is already bringing a special ambiance to the half full warehouse, and is not at full strobing power yet, but is still pushing out enough vibrant streams of color and mystery onto the floor to inspire. My camera begins to feel ready after the first couple of beers start to hit me and I feel myself unthaw from the cold ride. I’m feeling it’s time to start work and take my first pictures. Læs resten

Khalil – Rekonfiguration af form og personlig lyd

Kritik August 25 2017 Khalil-Press-Pic-1-e1500560354527

Khalil “The Water We Drink” (Posh Isolation, 2017) – anmeldelse af Emil Grarup

I dag udkommer trioen Khalils debutalbum på pladeselskabet Posh Isolation. Dette album er blevet navngivet “The Water We Drink” og kan siges at samle trådene fra tre musikere, der tidligere har bevæget sig i noget forskellige musikalske retninger: Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, som normalt figurerer som forsanger i electropop-kvartetten When Saints Go Machine og den alternative popduo Cancer, som begge har fået en del opmærksomhed i både nationale og internationale musikmedier. Simon Formann, guitarist i den nu hedengangne postpunkkvartet Lower, halvdelen af technoduoen Age Coin og motoren bag soloprojektet Yen Towers. Og til sidst Villads Klint, primært kendt under aliaset Minais B, gennem hvilket han bl.a. har udgivet to eksperimenterende techno-bånd på det netop opløste båndselskab Blodrøde Floder. Læs resten

Opaque – Dedicated listening at a proper club night? (live review)

English February 6 2017 peder_mannerfelt

Review of Opaque electronic journey w/ Peder Mannerfelt, Yen Towers etc. at Ideal Bar, February 3 2017 – by Ivna Franić / photo: Lea Anić

Friday saw the first installment of Opaque electronic journey, a new series of events in Copenhagen dedicated to techno, ambient and noise, aiming to “create a space for the dedicated listener”. The idea of bringing together experimental/noise electronic acts and techno DJs seems like a simple but effective way to challenge the conservative club culture, often averse to overly adventurous and/or unpleasant sounds. Putting this idea to practice, however, might not always turn out entirely as planned. Læs resten