Jacques Attali – An introduction to Noise: The Political Economy of Music

Feature Most read November 21 2019

Essay by Macon Holt Before he was the head of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, and before he was an economic advisor to French president François Mitterrand, Jacques Attali wrote a strange book that was hugely influential within peculiar circles—“Noise: The Political Economy of Music (Bruits: essai sur l’economie politique de la musique)”. The book appeared in French in the late 1970s ...

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“Sonic Warfare” – An Introduction to Steve Goodman’s vibrational ontology

Feature Most read September 24 2019

Essay by Macon Holt In 2009, the producer, label owner (Hyperdub), philosopher and reluctant academic, Steve Goodman (Kode 9), released a book that would transform the philosophy of sound and, in turn, open up whole new avenues for sonic investigation through both theory and practice. The book was “Sonic Warfare: Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear” from MIT Press. Structured as a sonic focused ...

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