Årets udgivelser, koncerter m.m. (skribenternes lister)

Feature December 31 2016, af mikkelarre Foto: Roland Tanglao/Flickr

Årets bedste udgivelser, koncerter m.v. ifølge redaktionen og øvrige skribenter med tilknytning til P/A.

Mads Kjeldgaard

1. Various Artists: “Digital Zandoli” (Heavenly Sweetness)
2. Renick Bell: “Empty Lake” (UIQ)
3. Ka: “Honor Killed the Samurai” (Iron Works)
4. Valerio Tricoli: “Clonic Earth” (PAN)
5. Jaleh Negari: “Arch Waves” (Eget Værelse)
6. Ipek Gorgun: “Aphelion” (self-released)
7. Roly Porter: “Third Law” (Tri Angle)
8. Søs Gunver Ryberg: “AFTRYK” (Contort)
9. Mats Erlandsson: “Valentina Tereshkova” (Posh Isolation)
10. JS Aurelius: “Goofin’ Drones” (Alter)

11. Ash Koosha: “I aka I” (Ninja Tune)
12. Anohni: “Hopelessness” (Secretly Canadian)
13. Jung An Tagen: “Das Fest Der Reichen” (Editions Mego)
14. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: “Ears” (Western Vinyl)
15. D/P/I: “Composer” (Shelter Press)
16. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma / Felicia Atkinson: “Comme Un Seul Narcisse” (Shelter Press)
17. Kassel Jaeger, Akira Rabelais, Stephan Mathieu: “Zauberberg” (Shelter Press)
18. Sote: “Hardcore Sounds From Tehran” (Opal Tapes)
19. $$$TAG$$$: “Crowd Surfing” (Opal Tapes)
20. J.G. Biberkopf: “Ecologies II: Ecosystems of Excess” (Knives)

Ivna Franić

ANOHNI: “Hopelessness” (Secretly Canadian)
Dedekind Cut: “$uccessor” (NON/Hospital Productions)
Elysia Crampton: “Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City” (Break World)
Dalhous: “The Composite Moods Collection Vol.1: House Number 44” (Blackest Ever Black)
PJ Harvey: “The Hope Six Demolition Project” (Island)
Chino Amobi: “Airport Music for Black Folk” (NON)
Jackie Lynn: “Jackie Lynn” (Thrill Jockey)
Raime: “Tooth” (Blackest Ever Black)

Klara Lewis: “Too” (Editions Mego)
Amnesia Scanner: “AS” (Young Turks)
Jenny Hval: “Blood Bitch” (Sacred Bones)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: “Skeleton Tree” (Bad Seed Ltd.)
Huerco S.: “For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)” (Proíbito)
Croatian Amor: “Love Means Taking Action” (Posh Isolation)
Roly Porter: “Third Law” (Tri Angle)
K. Leimer: “Re-enact” (Palace of Lights)

Julianna Barwick: “Will” (Dead Oceans)
Dawn Richard: “Redemption” (Local Action/Our Dawn)
Secret Boyfriend: “Memory Care Unit” (Blackest Ever Black)
Carla Dal Forno: “You Know What It’s Like” (Blackest Ever Black)
Scott Walker: “The Childhood of a Leader OST” (4AD)
Peder Mannerfelt: “Controlling Body” (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)
Troller: “Graphic” (Holodeck)

Mathias Ruthner

1. Eric Holm: “Barotrauma” (Subtext)
2. Oranssi Pazuzu: “Värähtelijä” (Svart)
3. Ian William Craig: “Meaning Turns to Whispers” (Aguirre)
4. Paul Jebanasem: “Continuum” (Subtext)
5. Biosphere: “Departed Glories” (Smalltown Supersound)
6. MMMD: “Pèkisyon Funebri” (Antifrost)
7. Fire! Orchestra: “Ritual” (Rune Grammofon)
8. Resina: “Resina” (FatCat)
9. Dreamboat: “S/T” (MIE Music)
10. A Tribe Called Quest: “We Got it From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service” (Epic)

1. Causa Sui: “Return to Sky” (El Paraiso)
2. Sortlegeme: “Untitled” (Moral Defeat)
3. Haraam: “New Golden Window” (Moral Defeat)
4. Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)
5. F. E. Denning: “Under the Linden Tree” (The Tide of the End)
6. Mythic Sunship: “Ouroboros” (El Paraiso)
7. Vanessa Amara: “You’re Welcome Here” (Posh Isolation)
8. Rosen & Spyddet: “Drengen ved brystet” (Janushoved)
9. Yung: “A Youthful Dream” (Fat Possum)
10. Jacob Kirkegaard: “Munk” (Phinery)

Martin Breidahl

Denne liste ændrer sig måske om et år eller to, når jeg har fået catchet op på en masse fede udgivelser fra 2016, jeg ikke vidste var så gode, det år de udkom. Jeg har også hørt en masse musik fra andre år end i år. Men her er 10 udgivelser + 3 reissues, som jeg har hørt meget og rigtig godt har kunnet lide:

Gerogerigegege: “燃えない灰 = Moenai Hai” (Eskimo Records)
Sun Ra/Merzbow: “Strange City” (Cold Spring)
Martyr of Sores: “Ceremony” (Sores, Sound+Matter)
Brainbombs: “Souvenirs” (Skrammel Records)
Neutral: “S/T” (Omlott)
Jackie Lynn: “S/T” (Thrill Jockey)
Slægt: “Beautiful and Damned” (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Linda Sharrock & (In) The Abyssity of the Grounds: “Gods” (Golden Lab)
Hiroshi Hasegawa/Leid-Linie: “S/T” (Cipher Productions)
Courtis/Marhaug: “One Day” (TWR Tapes)

Tom Prehn Kvartet: “S/T” (Pladeselskabet Centrifuga), først udgivet i 1967.
The New Blockaders: “Seinsart : Live at Morden Tower” (menstrualrecordings), først udgivet i 1983.
JFK/The Grey Wolves: “Assassin” (Peripheral Records), først udgivet i 1988.

Alexander Julin

Kanye West: “The Life of Pablo” (GOOD Music/Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella)
Sami Baha: “Mavericks” (Planet Mu)
Radio Dept: “Running Out of Love” (Labrador)
Blood Orange: “Freetown Sound” (Domino)
Frank Ocean: “Blonde” (Boys Don’t Cry)
Abyss X: “Mouthed” (Halcyon Veil)

Alex Zhang Hungtai: “Knave of Hearts” (Ascetic House)
Sky H1: “Motion” (Codes)
Lorenzo Senni: “Persona” (Warp)
Dedekind Cut: “$uccessor” (NON/Hospital Productions)
Acronym: “Entangled In Vines” (Semantica) + “The Void Beneath” (Auxiliary)
Ling: “Attachment” (Codes)

Solange: “A Seat at the Table” (Saint Records/Columbia)
DJ Earl: “Open Your Eyes” (Teklife)
Tim Hecker: “Love Streams” (4AD)
Steve Hauschildt: “Strands” (Kranky)
David Bowie: “Blackstar” (Columbia)
Hieroglyphic Being: “The Disco’s of Imhotep” (Technicolour)

Huerco S.: “For Those of You Who Have Never (and Also Those Who Have)” (Proíbito)
Mechatok: “See Thru” (Staycore)
Smerz: “Okey” (Escho)
Amnesia Scanner: “AS” (Young Turks)
Nxworries: “Yes Lawd!” (Stones Throw)
M.E.S.H.: “Damaged Merc” (PAN)
A Tribe Called Quest: “We Got It From Here… Thank You For Your Service” (Epic Records)
+ alt fra UIQ.

Forte: “Techne” (12 Recs)
Croatian Amor: “Love Means Taking Action” (Posh Isolation)
DJ Sports & Sportscentral: “Person Hideaway (Help Recordings)”
Yen Towers: “Bidders Must Justify Their Price” (Posh Isolation)
Central: “Political Dance #1 + #2” (Dekmantel)
Mads Kolding: “Still Air” (Selvudgivet)
Rune Bagge: “Ingen Tak Til Systemet” (Ectotherm)
Liss: “First” (XL)
Yung: “A Youthful Dream” (Fat Possum)

Sky H1: Rinse FM-mix
RP Boo: “U Don’t Know”
Travis Scott: “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”
Feloneezy: “Another Look”
Steven Warwick: “Nadir”
Vellness mixtape 1 + 2

Kamaiyah: “A Good Night in the Ghetto”
Sicko Mobb: “Super Sayan Vol.3”
Roedelius: “Piano, Piano”
Julius Eastman: “Femenine”
Manuel Göttsching: “E2-E4” (reissue)
Jlin: “Downtown”
Alle mulige mix fra Knxwledge

Mikkel Stensgaard

10 internationale albums:
Huerco S.: “For Those of You Who Have Never (and Also Those Who Have)” (Proíbito)
Steve Hauschildt: “Strands” (Kranky)
Danny Brown: “Atrocity Exhibition” (Warp)
Roly Porter: “Third Law” (Tri Angle)
DJ Earl: “Open Your Eyes” (Teklife)
Foodman: “Ez Minzoku” (Orange Milk)
Mark Ernestus’ Ndagga Rhythm Force: “Yermande” (Ndagga)
HOLOVR: “Anterior Space” (Further)
Hieroglyphic Being: “The Disco’s of Imhotep” (Technicolour)
Senyawa: “Brønshøj” (Cejero)

10 internationale 12″/EP’er:
Ryan James Ford: “G5olk 4Rfete” (Answer Code Request)
Karen Gwyer: “Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase” (Don’t Be Afraid)
Sarin: “Current Conflict” (Aufname + Weidergabe)
Lumigraph: “Bulletproof Holiday” (Major Problems)
Noam Kamal: “Kulturu” (Liquorish)
Kassem Mosse: “Chilazon” (Honest Jon’s)
Future9192: “Future9192” (Continuum Series Future 9192)
Lorenzo Senni: “Persona” (Warp)
J-Zbel: “Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant’s Butt” (Brothers From Different Mothers)
Auntie Flo: “Theory of Flo Remixes” (Highlife)

10 gode danske udgivelser:
Central: “Political Dance #1 & #2” (Dekmantel)
Erosion Flow: “Spectrums vol. 2” (3024)
Rune Bagge: “Ingen Tak Til Systemet” (Ectotherm)
Smertegrænsens Toldere: “S/T” (Mastermind)
Various: “Maizena Boys” (No Hands)
Lisbent: “Kamino Haado Kasei No Ekitai” (Funeral Tapes)
Funeral Future: “You Hold the Body” (Count 0)
Halshug: “Sort Sind” (Southern Lord)
Videodrones: “Mondo Ferox” (Interzone Tapes/ El Paraiso)
Uffe: “No!” (Tartelet Records)

Joachim Haugbølle

Bedste udenlandske albums:
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: “EARS” (Western Vinyl)
Daniel Schmidt: “In My Arms, Many Flowers” (Recital)
Mary Lattimore: “At The Dam” (Ghostly International)
Carla dal Forno: “You Know What It’s Like” (Blackest Ever Black)
Sean McCann: “Music For Public Ensemble” (Recital)
Denzel Curry: “Imperial” (C9)
Blood Orange: “Freetown Sound” (Domino)
Tim Hecker: “Love Streams” (4AD)
Oren Ambarchi: “Hubris” (Editions Mego)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani: “FRKWYS Vol. 13: Sunergy (RVNG Intl.)

Bedste danske albums:
Croatian Amor: “Love Means Taking Action” (Posh Isolation)
Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)
F.E. Denning: “Under the Linden Trees” (The Tide of the End)
Kyo: “Aktuel Musik” (Posh Isolation)
Causa Sui: “Return to Sky” (El Paraiso Records)
Vanessa Amara: “You’re Welcome Here” (Posh Isolation)
CTM: “Suite For a Young Girl” (Tambourhinoceros)
Jonathan Pyon: “World Pool” (Sensorisk Verden)
First Hate: “The Mind of a Gemini” (Escho)
Halshug: “Sort Sind” (Southern Lord Recordings)

Danske odd-size-udgivelser:
Puce Mary: “Yours” (Distort)
Sortlegeme: “Untitled” (Moral Defeat)
Hel: “Mehr Licht” (Brystet)
Vanity Productions: “Mardini” (Posh Isolation)
Anders Boserup: “Simulator” (Vellness Plader) Soundcloud

Bedste numre:
Jessy Lanza: “It Means I Love You” (Hyperdub)
Croatian Amor: “Love Means Taking Action” (Posh Isolation)
Danny L Harle: “Super Natural (feat. Carla Rae Jepsen)” (PC Music)
Denzel Curry: “Gook” (C9)
Lorenzo Senni: “Angel” (Warp)

Sandra S. S. Borch

10 internationale album
Omar-S: “The Best” (FXHE Records)
Matmos: “Ultimate Care 2” (Thrill Jockey)
Marie Davidson: “Adieu au Dancefloor” (Cititrax)
Kornel Kovacs: “The Bells” (Studio Barnhus)
TM404: “Acidub” (Kontra Musik)
András Presents … H.O.D: “House of Dad” (House of Dad)
Antwood: “Virtuous.scr” (Planet Mu)
Thomas Brinkmann: “A 1000 Keys” (Edition Mego)
MGUN: “Gentiu” (Don’t Be Afraid)
Karen Gwyer: “Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase” (Don’t Be Afraid)

10 oddsize-udgivelser:
JaRu: “MPC7635” (Object Limited)
H880: “02” (Selvudgivet)
Tackle: “Benzedrine” (Another Dark Age)
DJ Sotofett: “Current 82 (12 mix)”, (Keys of Life)
Cleveland: “Atlas” (Hivern Discs)
Pearson Sound: “XLB” (Pearson Sound)
Lutto Lento: “My Number One High” (Dunno Recordings
Avalon Emerson: “Whities 006” (Whities)
Nisennenmondai: “#N/A” (On U-sound)
Machine Woman: “Genau House” (Where to Now)

Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer: “Ich Träume So Leise Von Dir” (Music From Memory)
Anna Holmer & Steve Moshier: “Breadwoman & Other Tales” (RVNG Intl.)
Spirit of Love: “The Power Of Your Love” (Athens of the North)
Roberto Musci: “Tower of Silence” (Music From Memory)

Danske udgivelser:
SØS Gunver Ryberg: “AFTRYK” (Contort)
DJ Sports & SPCE: “Person Hideaway” (Help Recordings)
Yen Towers: “Bidders Must Justify Their Price” (Posh Isolation)
Istrefi: “8.8 Millimeter” (Count 0
Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)

Matmos, Jazzhouse
Gesloten Cirkel, Berghain
Kassem Mosse, Berghain
Z-Bel, Phono Festival
DJ Paypal, Roskilde Festival
Foodman, Phono Festival
Age Coin, Basement/Fast Forward
Silent Servant, Mayhem
Black Spirituals, Jazzhouse
Autechre, Koncerthuset
Smegma, Mayhem
Moderat, Vega
Lightning Bolt, Jazzhouse
Mark Fell, Jazzhouse
Breadwoman – Anna Holmer og Steven Warwick, HAU2
Aurora Halal, Distortion Ø
Skepta, Roskilde Festival

Simon Christensen

2016 har været et sørgeligt år. Politisk, musikalsk, medmenneskeligt. Hvad skal vi med musik, hvis den ikke engang kan flytte mennesker? Jeg har haft utroligt svært ved at koncentrere mig, og jeg har lyttet til rigtigt meget til ældre værker, forstået i bredest mulige forstand, i stedet for ny musik. Vi har også mistet mange betydningsfulde kunstnere i året, der er gået. Else Marie Pade, Nana Vasconcelos, Pauline Oliveros, Arnold Palmer, men det er for mig ikke en grund til at sætte tiden i stå og sørge ved sin pladespiller. Årets plader for mig:

The Caretaker: “Everything at the End of Time” (History Always Favours the Winners)
Tyshawn Sorey: “The Inner Spectrum of Variables” (Pi Recordings)
serpentwithfeet: “blisters” (Tri Angle)
Colin Stetson: “Sorrow” (52hz)
Foodman: “Ez Minzoku” (Orange Milk)
Chris Marker: “La Jetée” (Superior Viaduct)
Pekka Airaksinen: “Vitae Tennis Nest” (One Point Life)
Syrinx: “Tumblers From the Vault” (RVNG)
Sote: “Hardcore Sounds From Tehran” (Opal Tapes)
Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)
V/Vm: “Between Nothingness and Eternity” (Brainwashed)

Søs Gunver Ryberg: “AFTRYK” (Contort)
Anders Boserup: “Simulator EP” (Vellness Plader)
Powell + Loke Rahbek: “You Said It Would Be Alright” (Valentines Single)
Momus: “Year Zero” (Brexit Single)
serpentwithfeet: “Four Ethers” (Tri Angle)
Various: “Maizena Boys” (No Hands)
Collider: “Bruno” (Soundcloud)

Johns Lunds: “Plays Baritone Saxophone” LP (Yoyooyoy/Aether Productions)
Equis: “No Plants : No Life” cassette (Infinite Waves)
Sav: “Sav Sucks Super Bones” (Silent Atoms)
ZAKS Live @ 5e
Health and Safety: “Health and Safety” cassette (Posh Isolation)

Living in the City zine
Reality Press zine

Aaron Dilloway & TOTOHA, Bella Heights
Fred Frith, Tokyo Ensembles
Foodman, Phono Festival
Egberto Gismonti, Den Sorte Diamant
Arpanet, Festival of Endless Gratitude
Napalm Death, Off Festival

Det nummer, jeg har hørt absolut mest:
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy + Susanna: “Without You”

Kim Elgaard Andersen

Jeg har lavet min liste alfabetisk fordi jeg ikke synes det giver mening at rangere dem hierarkisk efter kvalitet. Desuden er der det antal plader jeg nu engang vil anbefale og ikke en begrænsning på en top 10 eller 20. Der er dem jeg nu engang kan stå inde for. Næste år er det færre eller flere. Og jeg har ikke skelet til om der er kvinder, handicappede eller folk der spiser Kærgården på de anbefalede plader. Det er ikke relevant for musikkens kvalitet.

Anbefalede indenlandske albums:
Broder: “Under den Jydske Fane” (it was gnarled)
Causa Sui: “Return to Sky” (El Paraiso)
Coplord: “Mirror Devil” (selvudgivet)
Hvide Sejl, Varg & Frederik Valentin: “Brazil” (Posh Isolation)
Jakob Skøtt: “All the Colours of the Dust” (El Paraiso)
LLNN: “Loss” (Pelargic)
Marching Church: “Telling Like It Is” (Sacred Bones)

Musik til mor: “Fakles” (Aftenrutine)
Narcosatanicos: “Body Cults” (Bad Afro)
Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)
Vanessa Amara: “You’re Welcome Here” (Posh Isolation)
Videodrones: “Mondo Ferox” (El Paraiso)
Værket: “Jealousy Hits” (Escho)
Western Skies Motel: “Settlers” (Lost Tribe Sound)

Anbefalede udenlandske udgivelser:
A Tribe Called Quest: “We Got It from Here … Thank You 4 Your Service” (Epic)
Aesop Rock: “The Impossible Kid” (Rhymesayers Entertainment)
Aluk Todolo: “Voix” (Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
Big Ups: “Before a Million Universe…” (Exploding in Sound)
Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas: “Mariner” (Indie Recordings)
Horseback: “Deadringers” (Relapse)

Khemmis: “Hunted” (20 Buck Spin)
Moonsorrow: “Jumalten Aika” (Century Media)
Motorpsycho: “Here Be Monsters” (Rune Grammofon)
Muscle and Marrow: “Love” (The Flenser)
Nonkeen: “The Gamble” (R&S)
Open Mike Eagle + Paul White: “Hella Personal Film Festival” (Mello Music Group)

Oranssi Pazuzu: “Värähtelijä” (Svart)
Roy Montgomery: “RMHQ” (Grapefruit)
Sarah Neufeld: “The Ridge” (Paper Bag)
Schoolboy Q: “Blank Face LP” (Top Dawg Entertainment)
Sturgill Simpson: “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” (RJ)
Swans: “The Glowing Man” (Young God)

Ulcerate: “Shrines of Paralysis” (Relapse)
UXO: “UXO” (Reptilian)
Vektor: “Terminal Redux” (Earache)
Vince Staples: “Prima Donna” (Def Jam)
Virus: “Memento Collider” (Karisma)
Xylouris White: “Black Peak” (Bella Union)

Adam Thorsmark

De bedste album i ikke-prioriteret rækkefølge.

Warehouse: “Super Low” (Bayonet)
Luke Temple: “The Birds of Late December” (Secretly Canadian)
The Radio Dept.: “Running Out of Love” (Labrador)
Meshuggah: “The Violent Sleep of Reason” (AVALON)
Merchandise: “A Corpse Wired For Sound” (4AD)
Sumac: “What One Becomes” (Thrill Jockey)
Deakin: “Sleep Cycle” (My Animal Home)
Anohni: “Hopelessness” (Secretly Canadian)
Chris Cohen: “As If Apart” (Captured Tracks)
Jenny Hval: “Blood Bitch” (Sacred Bones)

Vellness: “Forårsmixtape” (Vellness Plader)
Videodrones: “Mondo Ferox” (El Paraiso)
Musik til Mor: “Fakles” (Aftenrutine)
Choir of Young Believers: “Grasque” (Ghostly International)
Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)

Mikkel A. Kongstad

Årets 100 bedste: Internationalt og nationalt sammensurium (der er ingen grænser at kontrollere)

1) Innercity Ensemble: “III” (Instant Classic)
2) Horse Lords: “Interventions” (Northern Spy)
3) The Comet Is Coming: “Channel the Spirits” (Leaf Label)
4) Jeff Parker: “The New Breed” (International Anthem Recording Company)
5) Sarathy Korwar: “Day To Day” (Ninja Tune/The Steve Reid Foundation)
6) Suzanne Kraft: “What You Get For Being Young” (Melody As Truth)
7) Szun Waves: “At Sacred Walls” (Buffalo Temple)
8) Radiohead: “A Moon Shaped Pool” (XL Recordings)
9) Strobes: “Brokespeak” (Blood And Biscuits)
10) Dwarfs of East Agouza: “Bes” (Nawa Recordings)

11) Steve Hauschildt: “Strands” (Kranky)
12) Adam Betts: “Colossal Squid” (Blood And Biscuits)
13) Tyondai Braxton: “Oranged Out EP” (Selvudgivet)
14) Ian William Craig: “Centres” (130701)
15) Jakob Skøtt: “All the Colours of the Dust” (El Paraiso)
16) Ka: “Honor Killed the Samurai” (Iron Works)
17) Shabaka Hutchings and the Ancestors: “Wisdom of Elders” (Brownswood Recordings)
18) Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanna Ciani: “Sunergy” (RVNG Intl.)
19) Chris Abrahams: “Fluid to the Influence” (Room 40)
20) Oneida & Rhys Chatham: “What’s Your Sign?” (Northern Spy)

Se de resterende 80 plader på Kongstads årsliste her.

1) Pedro Santos: “Krishnanda” (Mr. Bongo)
2) Joanna Brouk: “Hearing Music” (Numero Group)
3) Wolfgang Voigt: “Gas Box” (Kompakt)
4) Ahmed Malek: “Musique Originale de Films” (Habibi Funk)
5) Woo: “Awaawaa” (Palto Flats)
6) Emahoy Tsegue-Mariam Guebru: “S/T” (Mississippi Records)
7) Suzanne Ciani: “Buchla Concerts 1975” (Finders Keepers)
8) Various Artists – “Space Echo: The Mystery behind the cosmic sound of Cabo Verde finally revealed!” (Analog Africa)
9) Yasuaki Shimizu: “Kakashi” (Better Days)
10) Anna Homler and Steve Moshier: “Breadwoman & Other Tales” (RVNG Intl.)

11) Jose Mauro: “Obnoxius” (Far Out Recordings)
12) Arthur Verocai: “Arthur Verocai” (Mr. Bongo)
13) Jaime e Nair: “Jaime e Nair” (Polysom)
14) Various Artists – “Venezuela 70: Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth: Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s” (Soul Jazz)
15) Oriental Sunshine: “Dedicated to the Bird We Love” (Round 2)
16) Sory Bamba Du Mali: “Sorry Bamba Du Mali” (Africa Seven)
17) Abdou El Omari: “Nuits D’Été Avec Abdou El Omari” (Radio Martiko)
18) Egil Monn Iverson: “Himmel og Helvete” (Moving Music)
19) Erol Pekcan/Tuna Ötenel/Kudret ôztoprak: “Jazz Semai” (Rainbow 45)
20) Yishak Banjaw: “Love Songs Vol. 2” (Teranga Beat)

Tobias Linnemann Ewé

1) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
2) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
3) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
4) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
5) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
6) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
7) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
8) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
9) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”
10) Pauline Oliveros: “To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation”

Mette Slot Johnsen (P/A’s London-kontor)

Internationale albums:
Cate Le Bon: “Crab Day” (Drag City)
Skal gladelig indrømme, at jeg nærmer mig det pinlige superfan-stadie mht. Cate Le Bon. Formidable tekster og musik – og hendes humor og utroligt legende liveshows løfter det op på et helt unikt niveau.

Jenny Hval: “Blood Bitch” (Sacred Bones)
Lige meget om man er født med æggestokke eller ej, burde dette album gøre indtryk. Jenny Hval og hendes fellow blood bitches lyder både lidt skræmmende og totalt uimodståelige: “Don’t be afraid / It’s only blood.”

Daniel Wohl: “Holographic” (New Amsterdam)
Svingende mellem det skrøbelige og det enerverende ender det her album med at gå under huden på en uventet måde: Lydbidder sidder fast, selv om de egentlig syntes at være en ubetydelig lille del i et komplekst kunstværk.

Ulrika Spacek: “The Album Paranoia” (Tough Love)
Det der lokale band, som kan ses mindst et par gange om måneden … og så udgav et af årets bedste albums på Tough Love Records. Psykedelisk shoegaze, som kan få tårerne til at trille.

Eleanor Friedberger: “New View” (Frenchkiss)
Et ret poppet indslag, men med fine og ganske gribende sange om at forlade byen og dertilhørende drama, lige præcis efter at legen var holdt op med at være god.

Danske albums:
Marching Church: “Telling It Like It Is” (Sacred Bones)
Vildt ørehængende og til tider samtidig seriøst verdenstræt. Men sådan er den bedste musik vist altid i min lejr.

Jaleh Negari: “Arch Waves” (Eget Værelse)
Hun eksperimenterer på en rigtig spændende måde og handler tydeligt på egne præmisser. Helt hypnotiserende og fuld af lys og leg.

Yung: “A Youthful Dream” (Fat Possum)
Bliver aldrig træt af det band! Sangene brænder lige igennem, fulde af simultan eksistentiel angst og eufori.

Jomi Massage: “Ritualer for Fællesskaber” (The Being Music)
Hun er bare så sej og frygtløs. Den der stemme… Smukke tekster og smuk musik, som virkelig vil noget og ikke er bange for at sige det, som det er.

The Entrepreneurs: “Tony Rominger” (Like a Can of Beans)
Super produktion: stramt og alligevel løst. Tungt og alligevel let. Mathias Bertelsens stemme svæver rundt helt oppe i toppen af “Routine Lines” og lader melankolien blafre. Der er så mange modsætninger i The Entrepreneurs’ lyd-elementer, som virker så godt i deres sammenspil.

Anohni @ Barbican – Dybt rørende. En vanvittig smuk, og knusende uforglemmelig oplevelse. Decideret musikalsk og moralsk PTSD bagefter.

Less Win + The Bodies @ Shacklewell Arms – Hurtigt og vredt og fuldt af energi. En line-up med god smag af old school-punk på kanten af post-.

The Raincoats & Angel Olsen @ Islington Assembly Hall – Levende legender og en nyere aspirant. Punk helt igennem, og smukt generations- og genrekrydsende samarbejde.

Dan Deacon @ Roundhouse – Sjovt og charmerende og til sidst helt ekstatisk. Et eksempel på en perfekt kulisse til en koncert, hvor rummet spillede med.

The Cure @ Wembley – Totalt fantastisk på alle tænkelige måder. Er ikke ellers lige til stadionkoncerter med potentielt afdankede rockstjerner. Men det her var tre timers magi med et band i musikalsk topform og ægte spilleglæde. Og en kæmpe bunke af evigt aktuelle sange.

Soundcloud: Them Bones/Marie Eline Hansens Soundcloud – en strøm af smukke skitser fra en fascinerende kunstner med en masse på hjerte. Det føles meget personligt: som sider i en dagbogsagtig dokumentation af en tumultarisk tid.

Poet: Kate Tempest – “The Bricks That Built the Houses” og “Let them Eat Chaos” m.fl. Hun er utrolig inspirerende. Hendes intensitet, sprog og rytme gør det umuligt ikke at blive revet med!

Film: “American Honey” af Andrea Arnold. Bl.a. på grund af soundtracket og de uforglemmelige billeder sidder denne moderne pendant til “Vredens druer” fast i både hovedet og kroppen, lang tid efter at den er rullet af skærmen.

Website: Scarfolk Council – Satirisk tonic for sjælen: Et website, som skarpt spidder Storbritannien. Også løst forbundet med pladeselskabet Ghost Box under Folk Horror Revival-paraplyen.

Netradio: Radiooooo – En musikalsk tidsrejsemaskine, når man mangler lidt inspiration.

Mikkel Arre

Alle lister er i alfabetisk rækkefølge. Så kom der da orden på lidt i 2016.

5 gode numre:
Amnesia Scanner: “AS Crust” (Young Turks)
Chino Amobi: “Rotterdam” (NON)
Jessy Lanza: “It Means I Love You” (Hyperdub)
Lotic: “Formation (Election Anxiety/America Is Over Edit)” (Soundcloud)
Mechatok: “See Thru” (Staycore)

10 gode danske udgivelser:
Flowers of Yes!: “Silence & Trust” (The Cat Box Corp.)
Lars Lundehave Hansen: “Terminal Velocity” (Tonometer)
Narcosatanicos: “Body Cults” (Bad Afro)
Puce Mary: “The Spiral” (Posh Isolation)
SØS Gunver Ryberg: “AFTRYK” (Contort)

Jakob Skøtt: “All the Colours of the Dust” (El Paraiso)
Nicklas Sørensen: “Solo” (El Paraiso)
Vanessa Amara: “You’re Welcome Here” (Posh Isolation)
Western Skies Motel: “Settlers” (Lost Tribe Sound)
Yen Towers: “One Look From the Boss” (Posh Isolation)

15 gode koncerter:
Arca, Click Festival, Helsingør
Arpanet, Festival of Endless Gratitude, København
Breadwoman, Click Festival, Helsingør
Collider, Mayhem, København
Eliane Radigues “Jetsun Mila” opført af Emmanuel Holterbach, Festival of Endless Gratitude, København

Frisk Frugt m.fl., Terry Rileys “In C”, Ordrupgaard, Charlottenlund
Gate, Festival of Endless Gratitude, København
Lexachast, ICC, Unsound, Kraków
Morton Subotnick, Jazzhouse, København
The Necks, Jazzhouse, København

Joanna Newsom, Glyptoteket, København
Senyawa, Teatr Łaźnia Nowa, Unsound, Kraków
Stars of the Lid, Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam
SØS Gunver Ryberg, Cisternerne, Frederiksberg
Toxe, Hotel Forum, Unsound, Kraków

20 gode udenlandske plader:
Amnesia Scanner: “AS” (Young Turks)
Anohni: “Hopelessness” (Secretly Canadian)
Matt Christensen: “Honeymoons” (Miasmah)
Oliver Coates: “Upstepping” (Prah)
Ian William Craig: “Centres” (130701)

Dedekind Cut: “$uccessor” (NON/Hospital Productions)
Gold Panda: “Good Luck and Do Your Best” (City Slang)
Tim Hecker: “Love Streams” (4AD) // Mrs Mills: “Between Nothingness & Eternity” (V/VM Test)
Huerco S.: “For Those of You Who Have Never (and Also Those Who Have)” (Proíbito)
Jenny Hval: “Blood Bitch” (Sacred Bones)

Kane Ikin: “Modern Pressure” (Type)
Jessy Lanza: “Oh No” (Hyperdub)
Mitski: “Puberty 2” (Dead Oceans)
Fatima Al Qadiri: “Brute” (Hyperdub)
Roly Porter: “Third Law” (Tri Angle)

Skepta: “Konnichiwa” (Boy Better Know)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: “Ears” (Western Vinyl)
Solange: “A Seat at the Table” (Saint Records/Columbia)
Yves Tumor: “Serpent Music” (PAN)
Zomby: “Ultra” (Hyperdub)