Thulebasen – Solhvervs Mix 2011

Mixtape December 22 2011 , af passive/aggressive

Magic Pens / Elvish Presley
The Worst Band In The World / 10cc
I like you as I like the sound of an egg cracking inside of a hen / Body Lotion & The Bloody Hands
Little Girl Lost / Bernard Herrmann
The Man in the Dark Sedan / Snakefinger
Princess Diana / Language Removal Services
Högsta Prioritet (Sista Anhalt) / Svenson
Who wants to oblivien / Manzerin
Early spacetravel / Per Hoier
Dikoboda sombe / Aka Pygmy Music
Barstow / Harry Partch
I Could Give You Reasons / Fly Girlz
Tonight / Porno for Pyros
Ramble Tamble / Creedence Clearwater Rivival
Religion I / P.i.L
The Garden / Guns ‘n’ Roses
A Visit to a Sad Planet / Leonard Nimoy
Laguna Sunrise / Black Sabbath
Psalter / Faust
Forbidden Ones (excerpt) / UWOWL
Leery Looks (From Father’s Books) / Renaldo And The Loaf
Reparto Novita / Stormy Six
ESP / Buzzcocks
The She / The Breeders
Sleepwalk / Santo & Johnny
77 / Boredoms
Out of the Blue / Roxy Music
Sweet Sticky / Theo Parrish
Home Age Conversation / The Residents
Rugs Of Prayer / Gang Gang Dance
Stranger In Moscow / Michael Jackson
Alku / Pan Sonic
Dansevise / Grete & Jørgen Ingmann
Obstacles / Ultra El!
The Fall Of Saigon / This Heat
Til I Die (Alternate Mix) / The Beach Boys

Kompileret af Thulebasen (Escho) for Passive/Aggressive til vintersolhverv (22. december 2011)